Oh look, another blogger! How quaint.

Yes, I know.  This is a stupid idea.  Why would I bother with starting another blog, especially when there’s so many out there already?  Well it’s because I’m better than most people.  I’m also more modest.

So who the Hell am I, you’re asking?  Well what the Hell are you doing here if you don’t know me?  I’m not famous, or even infamous.  You probably found this link on my Facebook page as I flogged it, begging people to check it out.  If that’s how you found this page, thank you.  If someone you know besides me convinced you to check this out, I’ll buy them a beer or something.

Or maybe you didn’t find me through Facebook.  Maybe you Googled me, though  Lord knows why you would do that.  Could be you found me through Twit Publishing, where all my short stories have been published.   Or maybe I owe you money.  I probably do; I owe plenty of people money.  Good luck getting any of it – remember when I said I’m not famous?  Well I’m not rich, either.

So what’s the point of this blog, then?  Aren’t these things supposed to have some sort of thematic element tying everything all together?  Is this just going to be one of those random blogs, the 21st century equivalent of an old GeoCities page?  And did I really use Google as a verb?

Christ, get off my back!  It’s my first post.  Show some patience.  These things develop organically, after all, and I’m sure that given enough time this blog will develop into a completely irrelevant wasteland of stupid jokes that you won’t be able to get without an advanced post-graduate degree in something completely useless in today’s rotten economic climate.

And before you ask, no, this won’t be a political blog.  Yes, I have political beliefs; no, I’m not going to stump them.  At least not too much.  By the way, Rick Santorum is a jerk.

Next time, I’ll tell you what I mean by Amateur Professional.  No, I don’t know what it means yet either.  Come back tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Oh look, another blogger! How quaint.

  1. I had something witty to say here but then the moss stains at the bottom of the page distracted me.

    GOOD LUCK ON YOUR BLOG! You’re definitely one of the people I feel can succeed at one of these things.

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