Randy Savage’s not dead – he’s fighting evil. In another dimension.

Well, it’s Super Sunday, so I’m not about to compete with the Patriots and the Giants.  I’m just glad Tebow got knocked out so I don’t have to see him praise Jesus for every touchdown.

For any of you looking for something not football-related today, I give you the absolute best Skyrim mod ever created:

Oh, by the way, Lisa Khoury dug herself out from the massive pile of responses to her article in order to address the issue.  While part of me wants to applaud her for stepping up and apologizing, I feel that she kind of plays the victim card.  At the same time, she had hundreds of complete strangers calling her a cunt.  Either way, a win is a win, right?

Back to normal on Monday!


2 thoughts on “Randy Savage’s not dead – he’s fighting evil. In another dimension.

  1. Saw this mod a few weeks ago. BEST MOD EVER!!! Almost makes me wanna get back into PC gaming just to battle Macho Wyverns….BTW, regarding the tattoo chick, her apology didn’t seem like much of an apology to me. She kept on saying that she wasn’t being judgmental and was only rebutting another article, but that’s absolutely NOT what she was doing. In my opinion, she deserves a second round of hatemail….

    • Damn, they are wyverns, aren’t they? Dragons’ wings are independent of their forelimbs, while dragons in Skyrim have batlike wings that are incorporated into their forward legs. That technically makes them wyverns, not dragons. I know this because I still have my Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (2nd Edition, of course) Monstrous Compendium.

      And Lisa Khoury did kind of cop out, didn’t she? Like I said, she definitely tried to play the victim card. Still after that massive outpouring of response to her blog, she should have realized 1) she fucked up, bad and 2) she needed to make an abject, unqualified apology. I think she kind of fudged it on the second part.

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