Happy anniversary to me!

My biggest fan.

I can't find the "Any" key!

Today marks the beginning of my fifth week posting as the Amateur Professional.  In that time I’ve made 32 posts counting this one, and as of this posting, this blog has generated 970 views.

This leads me to pose the question to you people: who the hell set up their dipping bird on their keyboard?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m freakin’ thrilled that people are reading this.  You guys are awesome, and you keep me motivated to keep posting on a daily basis.  I’m just confused as hell that you’re all actually that interested in finding out what I’m up to on any given day.

Passion? Authority? These are not synonymous with me.

I started this whole WordPress thing on a whim, pretty much, figuring I’d use it as good practice for keeping up discipline with writing.  If there’s one thing I’ve always struggled with as a fiction writer, it’s putting time aside on a regular basis in order to work, so I figured writing a two or three hundred words every day in the form of a blog would go far in kickstarting my creativity.  Meanwhile, I’m looking back at my posts across the last month, and I’m averaging anywhere between 700-1,000 words a day, not counting the goofy shit I tend to post on the weekends.  Not only that, but I’ve been churning out stuff for BOSS as well (something I’m sure my editors will be glad to hear!).

I’ve always been a terse writer.  A lot of that comes from not thinking that people are interested in what I have to say, but you have all proven me very wrong.  I need to sincerely thank each and every one of you that reads this blog (hi, Mom), whether or not you take the time to leave a comment here or on Facebook.  Whether I’m recounting how I nearly got my ass handed to me in a metal pit or if I’m trying to figure out whether or not I should give in and embrace my inner Alpha Nerd by becoming a LARPer, you guys are indulging me in ways you probably shouldn’t.  It’s the equivalent of handing an alcoholic a drink.

The Sovereign's Orb of the United Kingdom, whi...

Five! No, three!

Long story short: you fair folk give me something to keep me from losing my shit over the vicissitudes of life, since I know whatever I have to say, someone or another is going to read it and maybe comment on it.  It’s community-building on its most integral level, and I don’t know how in the holy hand grenade you people see me as an a positive role model – anyone who looks to me as an inspiration or decides to kick-start their own writing because of this blog probably needs to have their head examined – but I won’t let you guys down.

Hell, at this point I’m seriously considering buying a domain name from WordPress so this place looks a little less like one of those old awful GeoCities sites from the 90’s.  Don’t act like you didn’t have one, too, complete with animated gifs and awful looping midi files embedded on every page.  We’ll see how things look at three months.

You keep pickin’ up what I’m layin’ down and we cool.


5 thoughts on “Happy anniversary to me!

  1. Yeah, premium theme and .com is the way to go.

    Bought the .com for my page, still need to invest in the premium theme. Bleh.

    I find myself just not caring all that much.

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