Nobody ever talks about all the good things Hitler did.

Am I drunk?

Am I drunk?

Have any of you seen the latest trend coming out of the Asia-Pacific region?  For once it doesn’t have anything to do with watching professional Starcraft 2 competitions – instead it’s about a new fashion movement known as Hitler Chic being adopted by the younger generations in places like Bangkok.

Ich bein ein panda!

Ich bein ein panda!

I wish I was making this up, but it’s becoming really widespread over there.  That article I just linked talks about how people in Thailand are going around wearing shirts depicting adorable little Adolf Hitlers dressed in things like panda suits.  This is both deeply, profoundly disturbing on a multitude of levels while simultaneously being the funniest shit I’ve ever fucking seen.

I need more lebensraum in my pants.

I need more lebensraum in my pants.

I’m not going to get morally outraged over the fact that Asian teenagers are dressing up like extras from Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS.  I mean, look at this picture, really look at it, and tell me you don’t break down into peals of laughter.  First of all I think the woman on the right might be a man – judging from the bulge down near the V of her short-shorts, it looks like she’s packing heat, and I don’t mean a Luger – but the entire tableau is so surreal that it borders on the sublime.  While a lot of people are going batshit insane about this, I think it’s fitting that an entire ideology based on rampant hatred, regimented, sought to establish a homogenized society, and espoused racial purity to the point of killing 12 million Jews, Gypsies, and whoever else they could get their hands on is being subverted by a bunch of Asian lady-boys that enjoy fighting a war on two fronts, if you know what I mean.

You know what, skip the order of egg rolls this time.

The happy couple.

This isn’t limited to Thailand, though.  I’ve seen some particularly head-spinning shit coming out of China too, such as this excellent example of two young Chinese cosplayers dressed up in their Teutonic finest.  You can see the rest of the roll here in all its ironic glory.  Apparently the excuse a lot of Chinese and Japanese cosplay addicts give is that they’re not fascists or racists, they just like the fashion.  This is kind of fitting, considering how Hugo Boss designed and produced the military uniforms for the 3rd Reich.  Good ol’ Hugo himself was a card-carrying member of the National Socialist Party himself.  It’s true, go look it up.

The Panty Droppers.

Look at these two lady killers.

I think the main cause for this sudden surge of Hitler chic in Asia is from ignorance and not from any sort of concerted desire to embrace the Nazi ideology.  This makes it even funnier to me, because it’s not like they’re doing it out of a desire to ridicule or satirize National Socialism either.  They just think it looks cool, or funny.  It’s completely innocent, though when viewed through the lens of world history it takes on a rather insulting and offensive pall.  They’re not taking themselves seriously, and I think anyone who takes a bunch of pudgy, round-faced Korean kids with glasses and bad acne as a serious threat is probably wrapped a little too tight and needs to chill the fuck out.  If you can’t laugh at this, you’re probably too busy writing an angry letter to your local congressman to declare war on double-breasted leather trench coats.  Do you have nothing else with your time that you have to protest teenage Asian stupidity?  Isn’t The Last Temptation of Christ playing somewhere?  Go picket that or something.

These teenagers and young adults are most likely going to grow out of this phase.  Once they get a little older and wiser, they’ll probably be incredibly embarrassed at their fashion choices.  I know I still cringe whenever I think about the bitchin’ mullet I rocked back in high school.  Sure, I wasn’t exactly goose stepping down the halls, but who among us doesn’t have some very poor decisions they’ve made in the past that still haunt them to this very day?


10 thoughts on “Nobody ever talks about all the good things Hitler did.


    This is just payback for all the bad Kung Fu Movies and Breakfast at Tiffiny’s, and Long Duck Dongs and small dick jokes.

    In 100 years they will be cosplaying Osama Bin Laden, Obama, and George bush and it will be grand.

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  3. Yeah, I remember reading this article a little while ago about Nazi themed bars in Mongolia.

    I was kind of in shock that Mongolia even had bars, let alone cities in which to visit said bars. I still imagined it as some wind swept steppe full of men with long mustaches and who smelled faintly of fermented ox milk and horses.

    But, like I said, apparently not.

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