It’s not hip hop, it’s electro.

That was the second album I ever bought!

He listens to what?

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m almost always listening to music whenever I’m working.  My Pandora station is this Frankenstein’s monster of classic rock, Chopin, 80’s power metal, old-school punk, Motown, and Daft Punk-style electronica.  There’s even this little hip hop group from Hollis, Queens that features heavily in the rotation as well;  you might be familiar with them.

Corey Feldman really let himself go.

I liked Skrillex better when he starred in The Lost Boys.

I think if I’d have to end up eating a bullet if someone put a gun to my head and asked me to name a favorite band.  I’ve already recounted on more than one occasion how I rocked the mullet in the early 90’s, but before I fell in love with the power chord, I learned to play guitar using my mother’s old marble notebook she’d filled with folk songs from the 60’s.  Used her old guitar, too.  Picked up violin in the third grade as well, playing up until senior year in high school where I had the distinct pleasure of being first chair for the 2nd violin section, which is about as glamorous as coming in second in a chainsaw fight, and they always gave me the non-singing parts in Drama Club musicals (poor Jenn Hoffman had to play my character’s trophy wife in How To Succeed In Business in freshman year).

In other words, I’m a much better music critic than I am a musician.  I had a discussion with a friend of mine earlier today where I skirted blasphemy by saying Keith Moon was a better drummer than John Botham; he countered by mentioning either musician’s name that would get me lynched in front of a Neil Peart fan, and then suggested the best way to drive someone like that insane was to say you preferred Alan White.

“Wait, the guy from Yes or the guy from Oasis?” I asked, obviously confused.

“Dave,” he said, “which one do you think would be more offensive?”  This came from an Oasis fan, by the way.

Alas, there’s one band that I can’t pick on the drummer.  A friend of mine is in this trippy folk quartet that’s having its first performance this evening, and I haven’t been able to hear any of their stuff in its final form yet because everything on the band’s Reverbnation page was recorded without the drum track.  I enjoyed listening to what they did have to offer though, and I was kind of bummed that they’re playing out in my old stamping grounds on Long Island while I’m out here in the wilds of southeast Pennsylvania.

I think I saw this in image in one of my White Wolf RPG books.

Even their band logo is trippy.

You know how Dylan Moran once said that if vaginas could sing, they would sound like Enya?  Well my buddy’s band is kind of like the other side of the coin; Daniel and the Lions (no lions were harmed in the making of this blog post) has this dreamy, opium-den quality to it, created by an acoustic guitar, a keyboard, a flute, and some really nice harmonizing.  The songs are deceptively simple without being simplistic, and I can only imagine what they sound like with a nice drum track laid down alongside the three other performers.  I think my favorite track out of the three that the band has available would have to be “Make Up Your Mind,” as it sounded the most polished and put-together; the entire track has a haunting lilt to it that is highly evocative.

I can only imagine what these guys sound like once all four of them are together.  I think it would definitely bring some more cohesion to the overall sound, and I can only hope that my buddy posts some stuff complete with drums to give people a chance to hear the band in all of its trip-tastic glory.

Wallpaper sized. You're welcome.

Meesa gonna need a trip to da dentist.

If you’re in the area of Amityville, NY tonight, you might want to check them out.  Daniel and the Lions are playing their first gig ever at the Broadway Bar, and tickets are around $10 at the door, which makes it about the same price of a movie.  Honestly I’d rather go see a new band than I would sit through 3 hours of that abortion of a film George Lucas just re-released in 3D.  I prefer my ham-handed racial stereotypes two-dimensional, thank you very much.

Heh, see what I did there?


4 thoughts on “It’s not hip hop, it’s electro.

  1. Dave, you are a prince among men. Thank you for the honest (I hope) combination of critique and compliment. You pretty much hit the nail right on the head for the things we hope our music evokes.

    I promise you, we’re only going to take this more seriously from here. We don’t claim to be the best, but its not about that, it’s about doing stuff from the heart. Be it writing a blog, painting a picture, skewering your Significant other in the heat of the night, or playing music.

    If you do it from your heart, you might never be at the top of a chart, but you will never be without die hard fans.

    And for the record, I remember that mullet very clearly, I was rocking the same doo most of my young life if you recall. I forget though, did I convince you to do it, or did you convince me? I usually blame my love of Robotech for the mullet love. I wanted to look like Rick Hunter so bad back then.

    I recently got into an old Kiefer Sutherland Kick and Billy Idol thing, and asked my wife how she would feel about me rocking a buzz mullet like Keifers from Lost boys.

    Let me tell you, the couch has done wonders for my back!

    Have you checked out Persona Non Grata’s band Three Ring Sirkus? They are listed as a linked band at our Reverb home. They kick some metal ass. As does Nightmare Stage.

    Anyway, your a bro’s bro through and through. Thanks!

  2. I’ll be at that show tonight, so I’ll hit you up with my review, and I’ll try and record some of the audio of it.

    And thanks for the shout out Dan! We’re definitely not a band that appeals to all, but we’re definitely of the same mind set. We play what we feel and what we think sounds cool, and hope to be able to make enough money one day to cover our bar tab….

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