Nathan Fillion is a total bro.

All right, it’s Sunday and I’m taking a day off so I can watch The Walking Dead.  For your entertainment and edification, I present to you Nathan Fillion dressed up like The Green Lantern.

Also, if anyone reading this happens to be in the area of Austin, Texas this weekend, why not stop by the Twit Publishing booth down at the Staple! Independent Media Expo?  Chris and Craig Gabrysch work like dogs and deserve all the credit they can get!  Buy a couple books, too; I need to finance my car’s next oil change.

Back to real content this tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Nathan Fillion is a total bro.

  1. LOL, and don’t forget while your down there supporting Twit by buying their books and merchandize, to mention Daniel Beck and David DeMar as authors you would like to read more of (or in my case… first of?).

    As for the Daly show episode –

    Couple thoughts – Dave, this was totally us in the 90s. granted I’d be dressed as a Ninja Turtle, and you as a wizard, but this shit was us.

    Today however I’m far more sensible, and instead dress up in Cosplay (yes I’m one of those) for events like ICON, and then act too high and mighty to duel anyone with my light-saber. Have you seen my Working Pipboy prop from Fallout by the way?

    Man I need to sleep.

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