Hope rides alone.

I made an oblique mention of the Protomen earlier this week, but I don’t know how many of you are actually familiar with the band or not.  A picture’s worth a thousand words, of course, and since it’s the weekend and I’ve got a brand new copy of Mass Effect 3 waiting for me, this animated video for one of their best songs will completely explain everything.  Just overlook the kind of crappy hand-drawn bit at around the 1:40 mark – it doesn’t last that long.  Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Hope rides alone.

  1. LOL reminds me of Minibosses


    As for ME3

    Once your back in the Mass Effect saddle it won’t take long before the game has got every fiber of you mind firmly sucked in.

    I highly recommend you get all your blogging done for the next few days at least ahead of time. In fact I suggest putting at least 10-12 hours worth of food and water on a table next to you. Before you play force yourself to take a giant fat shit, and get your bladder under control. Lock the door, take the phone off the hook, tell your fiance you will miss her while your gone and tell your ass to get used to being sat on, because once this fucker fires up, the real world goes bye bye.

    The multiplayer is actually fun. It’s basically just a fancy survivor mode, but it’s actually fun, and playing it actually has an effect on the single player game in some meaningful ways.

    If you ever wanna team up and kill some shit, it’s co op and You can reach my Sexbox Character with my Handle Wyrm Razor. (or is it Wyrmrazor?) Whatever. Just add me damnit.

    I know… No spoilers, but dude… This ones moving. I recommend a box of Chocolate and a box of tissues handy.


    • These guys remind me VERY strongly of the Minibosses, who are good in their own right – the whole Mega Man Rock Opera thing from Protomen just kind of gets me in the same place The Who’s “Tommy” does, you know?

      And I’ll definitely add you on XBL – I’m picking up a Gold card in a few days, after my GameStop gift card gets here in the mail. I’ve already been told in no uncertain terms that I’ll be playing multiplayer with at least one other person already!

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