Pre-weekend bonus poll!

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!  In this very special pre-weekend bonus edition of the Amateur Professional, I’m running my first reader poll!

With all the brouhaha surrounding the culmination of the Mass Effect trilogy, I’ve actually been inspired to begin all over again with the first game and work all my way through all three, documenting my adventures as I go.  I would do this on the weekends, as I usually just post whatever stupid shit I can find on YouTube, and instead regale you fine readers with the antics of my John (or Jane) Shepard.

Then, I thought, what better way to get people involved and interested by asking for input from readers concerning the design of the character and the subsequent path I take through the game with him or her?  It sounded like a lot of fun to me – though I’m pretty sick in the head – so I figured I’d put it to a poll to see if there was any interest.

So without any further ado, here we go:

Based on these answers, I’ll create a new Shepard and play a few hours, then regale you all with the results over the weekend.  I think it’ll be fun for both me and everyone else, and I’m up for it  if you all are!


7 thoughts on “Pre-weekend bonus poll!

  1. Give in and go FemShep. Jessica Hale is a better voice actress and you can finally close the deal with Garrus.

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