The life and times of Ellen R. Shepard

Shepard, Ellen Ripley.  Commander.

Commander Duckface.

Allow me to introduce your poll winner, ladies and gentlemen: Ellen R. Shepard (the R stands for Ripley).  That’s right, this little duck-faced lady here grew up on the mean streets of Earth after her parents abandoned her, using her wits alone to stay one step ahead of the pimps and gangbangers.

The slums of earth.

Not pictured: A pimp named Slickback.

Tenacious and clever, what little Ellie here lacked in education and physical strength she made up for in street smarts, cleverness, and quick thinking that got her out of jams almost as often as it got her into them in the first place.  Not wanting to be stuck on Earth for the rest of her life, she enlisted in the Alliance Marine Corps as soon as she turned 18 – or at least what she figured was her 18th birthday, making up for lost time and excelling in her science and engineering classes while impressing her instructors with her innovative approaches to combat scenarios that involved critical thinking over brute force.

Nobody ever liked Lieutenant Franks anyway.

What do you mean, "look behind you?"

Upon completing basic training, Shepard volunteered for a mission to Akuze after the Earth Systems Alliance lost contact with a colony on the remote planet.  The entire unit was nearly destroyed the first evening on planet as they investigated the missing colonists, with the gargantuan sandworm-like creatures known as thresher maws taking the lives of over fifty Marines that night.  Shepard, through her quick thinking and resourcefulness, somehow managed to emerge as the only survivor, and while the inability to save her fellow Marines haunts her to this day, the experience left her qualified for  the prestigious special forces rank of N7, the highest possible combat rating in the Systems Alliance military.

After being cleared to return to service, Shepard worked her way up the ranks swiftly, finding that the news of her survival in the face of impossible odds made her a major celebrity within the Alliance military.  She was hand-picked by top Alliance officials to serve as the executive officer of the SSV Normandy, an experimental stealth frigate commanded by Captain David Anderson.

Waist-high wall capital of the world!

Main export: waist-high walls that provide cover against small-arms fire.

This is where our story picks up, with Commander Ellen R. Shepard departing on the Normandy from Arcturus Station for the ship’s shakedown run and maiden voyage, when they were ordered to change course unexpectedly towards the colony of Eden Prime, where a startling discovery had taken place….

So that’s it, guys!  Your choices led me to create a female Shepard character with the Earthborn and Sole Survivor backgrounds.  I picked the Engineer class, figuring that it would fit her personality.  I’ll begin playing through the game, serializing her adventures and running more polls when it comes time to make choices that will change the course of the game’s development.  I even created a new Xbox profile to keep track of whatever Achievements I earn during this playthrough – hopefully this will prove a fun thing to do on the weekends instead of just posting some mindless YouTube video.

Hey, speaking of mindless YouTube videos…


6 thoughts on “The life and times of Ellen R. Shepard

  1. Just remember when Ellen Ripley goes to deal with the Rachni that I want to see real internal conflict about what to do with the queen.

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