Pre-weekend bonus poll, take two!

Hello all and sudry, and welcome to the second Amateur Professional Friday bonus poll!

If you remember last week’s bonus poll, it set up the type of character I’d be playing as I went through the Mass Effect series from scratch.  The results of that poll gave us Commander Ellen R. Shepard, a tough as nails, take-no-shit-from-anyone former street rat with an indomitable will to live in the face of adversity.

Well, the weekend’s here, I’m in need of some more direction as to how I’ll proceed with our Shepard’s development over time.  Right now, she’s about 75% Renegade, 25% Paragon – she’s got no patience for assholes, cowards, or politicians, but if she believes in something, she’ll go to the ends of the Galaxy and suffer untold indignities to help someone who needs it – as long as she feels they deserve the help.

Based on your feedback, I’ll either alter or cement her personality and move forward from there.  Things are about to start getting good, but for the sake of spoilers I’m going to keep it relatively vague – let’s just say everyone’s favorite turian has joined up with our little Ellen Ripley Shepard.

Speaking of favorite characters, I suppose I should get this over with now,  so I don’t have to deal with it later: the much-vaunted romance option.  I’m going to ask if Ellen’s going to be going for the wedding tackle or if she wants a slice of blueberry pie – or if she’s going to say “fuck it” altogether.

It’s full steam ahead after this, ladies and gentlemen.  Hold on to your butts!


2 thoughts on “Pre-weekend bonus poll, take two!

  1. Right now the vote is split between Garrusbro and Blueberry Creampie. I guess I’ll flip a coin, but I’m kinda leaning towards Garrus in order to fulfill I’m-Not-Gay-But tendencies.

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