Shock and awe.

Why do I imagine the electro track from "Shaun of the Dead" whenever I see this image?

Spinning Disco Chicken just don't give a fuck.

I hit 2,500 total views this past week and I realized that I finally have to face it – it’s not just my mother reading this blog any more.  So here’s to you guys, for coming back day after day to see what I’ve got for you, even if I might rickroll you on April Fool’s Day (I regret nothing!).

Just over two months, and as of right at this moment I’ve made 73 posts and I’ve gotten 2,739 total all-time views.  That means that different pages and blog posts have been visited nearly 3,000 times, even if it’s just to leave a follow-up comment to an asinine reply I left someone, but it’s obvious people are enjoying the occasional glimpse into my diseased mind, and for that I thank you.

I can’t promise you good folk that every day will be a five-star blog post, filled with sturm and drang and all kinds of interesting bits of useless information (by the way, did you know the male house cat’s penis is barbed, kind of like a fish hook?), but I promise not to prank you on any day besides April 1st.  Well, not intentionally, anyway.

So thank you all for making this blog, which I started on a whim, as successful as it’s been, and you’ve got my solemn vow to keep up with this as long as there’s anyone interested in reading it.  Maybe as a birthday present to myself I’ll spring for a personalized domain later this month.  Considering how expensive it’s been getting to plan for my wedding in November, it’s cheaper than shelling out for the Guild Wars 2 pre-purchase when it goes live on the 10th!

Anyway, thank you, guys – I appreciate it!


5 thoughts on “Shock and awe.

  1. Apart from the Mass Effect posts on the weekends, I read daily. Always enjoyable.

    Besides, I’m convinced that 90% of the hits my blog gets are you with a scheduled refresh to make me feel better, lol!

  2. What does something like that cost you Dave? 39.95 a year or so right, +- 5$ for deluxe Dipping birds??

    I would love to get (back) into blogging, but I don’t think I could really be interesting every day, or even several times a day. More importantly tho dave I have to say Dave, your blog was one of the things I think that inspired to me to write creatively again, rather than just in debate format online.

    I’m hoping when work settles down in June to maybe even work on my next literary project, and finish part two of Inheritor (of which I am about halfway through now).

    The creative juices are flowing better now, and I think if I end up getting published by Twit I will be incredibly encouraged. And I owe a sizable fraction of it to you for your help and encouragement.

    So I am pleased to see your blog is getting some traffic, and I hope you only go up from here. It’s time you had some really positive things to go your way.

    • I am absolutely thrilled every time someone tells me that, Dan – it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that I can be an inspiration to ANYone, but I’ve heard it more than a few times now; I guess I can’t ignore the writing on the wall any more, can I?

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