Double secret probation post!

Actually this is just an automated post I set up before I left on Friday.  Sorry, guys, no reports from the front lines!  I don’t have a smartphone and there’s no WiFi for my iPod, so you’ll have to wait until Monday morning for a report of the weekend’s shenanigans.

Instead, have a pretty picture!  I decided to totally embarrass poor J and re-post a piece of her artwork from her Tumblr.  She’ll probably kick my ass for it, but I don’t care – it’s an awesome sketch and she deserves the (positive) attention!


What's a nubian?"  Shit, you almost made me laugh.

Sexy Nubian Egyptian-styled princess!


6 thoughts on “Double secret probation post!

  1. From one artist to another, I like it. The choice of color, simplicity of the design and the way you feel drawn to the face with the freaky but atractive eye coloring is all very well executed. 🙂

  2. As someone with zero artistic talent, this looks excellent! The arms are symmetrical, and the hands look good. I’ve been told that hands are difficult to draw with correct proportions. Very beautiful. I’d totally not hit on her due to her beauty and my lack of confidence….

  3. AHHH.




    I opened up the post and thought somehow I’d magically been sent back to my tumblr. I AM EXTREMELY FLATTERED. Ffff. Thank you for the kind words!


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