Always trust the Whedon.

Starring Mace Windu, the Human Torch, and Sherlock Holmes!

Man, Mark Ruffalo really hit the weights for this movie.

So the fiancée and I just got back from seeing The Avengers and I’ve got to say – good ol’ Joss did hisself proud.  Who would have thought that a guy that many felt would be be doomed to keep getting excellent television shows cancelled for the rest of his professional career would end up at the helm of what could be one of the biggest tentpole superhero movies this year?

I’ll keep spoilers to a minimum, but I just have to comment on how excellently this whole film comes together.  The ensemble cast shines, the writing is excellent, and with Whedon having major input on the script as well as control of the director’s chair, the dialogue is both believable and evocative of the kind of conversations you’d overhear in any Marvel comic.

I really have nothing bad to say about this movie, and considering how miserable a bastard I am, this is a major god damned accomplishment.  When I saw that Mark Ruffalo was going to be playing Bruce Banner/the Hulk, I thought things were going to be bad, but he did an amazing job.  The rest of the actors were pitch-perfect, the superhero set-pieces were action-packed, and nearly every character had enough development on-screen to round them out.

So, yeah, go see The Avengers.  Worth the price of admission – well, maybe not 3D.  Plus, my fiancée’s assisted listening device didn’t work, so we got two free tickets!

Oh, and stick around past the credits.  You’re welcome.


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