We need to weaponize this immediately.

Holy crap.  A working, self-contained exoskeleton that allows the paralyzed to walk again.

How long until DARPA licenses this technology and designs a version with hip-mounted M-16s?


12 thoughts on “We need to weaponize this immediately.

  1. I got a bit emotional over this, right up until the news chick asked the girl how it feels, and when the girl replied with how great it is, the news chick said “oh well we’re amazed by the technology” with absolutely no genuine emotion whatsoever. Why do these people have no emotion or compassion?! Makes me sick.

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    • Japananized, too. I love how the developer of this gives three immediate applications of the technology:

      1. Helping the paralyzed.
      2. Helping workers in factories.
      3. Making cooler video games.

      No weaponization at all.

      • HAL and Cyberdine? Really?

        Is the irony lost on the Japanese for using the names of fiticious rebellious artificial intelligences when building their machines?

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