On the road again…

Well, up at the crack of dawn to make the trek back to southeastern Pennsylvania today. Once we’ve arrived safely, you’ll get your much-awaited synopsis of the weekend.

Another fine Stallone film.

Oh god, I’ve seen this movie.

Only thing I can tell you now is that it took us six fucking hours to make the trip down on Friday, the majority of which was spent on the on-ramp for the Lincoln Tunnel. Never have I spent so much time eagerly awaiting the opportunity to pass -at a crawl – through a one-and-a-half mile long tunnel subject to the pressure of hundreds of tons of water from the Hudson River.

Why do I worry about these things?


2 thoughts on “On the road again…

  1. If I can’t be sure that I’m going to get out of the tunnel in a timely manner, I do not take the tunnel (Lincoln, Midtown, whatever) I white knuckle it the whole time all the while making note of all of the emergency exits as I drive a long so that if something should happen, I know exactly what direction to run in.

    I hate bridges too, but the tunnel is a special kind of anxiety.

    • “White knuckle” is exactly what I’m doing the entire way through. The best is when there’s plenty of traffic so you’re crawling slow enough if you just saw water dripping from a suspicious looking hole in that ceiling tile…

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