The migraine sufferer’s prayer.

Oh [insert deity here], please don’t make me throw up tonight.

The room is dark, and silent, and I await Your salvation.  I shall keep vigil this evening, as the Excedrin courses through my veins; grant me the solace of a head free of pain before the sun arises.

In Your name do I suffer.  In Your name do I beg for release.  Please, deliver me from this agony, or slay me before I lose the contents of my stomach.




3 thoughts on “The migraine sufferer’s prayer.

  1. uuuugh… I’m very fortunate that my migraines are few and far between, but when they come, they come like a freight train. I remember the last one was so bad that I had to try to call Kevin home from work in between heaving into the toilet. That scared the littles pretty bad.

    Hope it goes away soon

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