Major Milestone Monday!

Ladies and gentlemen, quite a few wild and wonderful things happened over the weekend that I feel you may be interested in learning.

And by "eating" I mean "fucking."

This asshole keeps eating my lunch. And by “lunch” I mean “face.”

No, the big news isn’t that I’ve finished my first run-through of Diablo 3.  Diablo himself is currently kicking my ass all over Heaven, but I’m sure I’ll put that puppy to bed eventually.  However, I can say that this here blog has reached over ten thousand views this weekend.  While that doesn’t sound too exciting to most normal people, it’s pretty goddamn cool to me, as I’ve got both loyal readers and random strangers showing up at this blog at all hours, even if it’s just to see which stupid internet pictures I’ve posted up.  This is amazing to me, and I’d like to take the time to thank anyone and everyone who’s ever read this blog, either on purpose or accidentally on their way to looking at some furry porn or something (hey, no judgment here).

And it does it in style.

Twit does what it says on the tin.

Now, for the big announcement: Twit Publishing has selected not one but two of my newest short stories for publication!  Both “Landfall” and “A Stiff Drink” are continuations of the story I began in Blowing Off Some Steam, which has proven to be more popular than I’d ever hoped for or expected, so for all of you that are interested in reading more about the exploits of Sarge, you’re in for a treat.

The best part about this is that you won’t have to wait all that long!  Out of the two, “Landfall” will be appearing in free e-book form next month from both Twit Publishing’s website and their Facebook page, according to what Twit has told me.  This means that you’ll get more stuff for free – and free is great, right?

Now with 100% less prequel bullshit!

Free stuff is almost as awesome as this image.

I will warn you – “Landfall” is not the next chapter in Sarge’s story, as it’s set before the events that occurred in BOSS.  Instead, “A Stiff Drink” will pick up where the first short story left off, and I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until the next Twit Publishing Presents: PULP! comes out, which will be the Summer/Fall 2012 edition, and I’m absolutely sure will be filled with awesome pulp stories just like it has been every six months.  Not only that, but I know that Twit is working on a Dieselpunk anthology as well – though no word on when that’s going to hit – so there’s going to be all sorts of great, affordable genre fiction coming your way!

On a final note: if anyone else out there submitted anything to Twit Publishing, I’m sure the official yea-or-nay emails either went out this weekend as well, or will be hitting your email inbox any day now.


6 thoughts on “Major Milestone Monday!

  1. Major congrats Dave! You earned both the 10K views AND the publishers attention. Looking forward to reading it all soon brah. Now… if you’ll excuse me… I got an inbox to refresh repeatedly.

  2. The good news on the Dieselpunk anthology is that I think we actually got enough stories to make a whole book. Honestly, it was touch and go for a little while.

    And, before any one asks, no, I’m not sure what stories went into the PULP! anthology, or who the authors were. Chris made all the selections, and I haven’t received a list of them yet.

    Also, we’ll send you the date we’re going to release “Landfall.” I know Chris is working on a cover design right now, and that’s the biggest impediment to release.

    • That’s awesome news about the Dieselpunk anthology. I can’t wait to see what made it in.

      Chris did a kick-ass job on the cover he did for “Blowing Off Some Steam.” I’m sure he’ll come up with something just as awesome this time, too.

      No pressure.

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