E3: SmartGlass and Internet Explorer on Xbox 360

So I spent way too much time watching G4’s E3 coverage today, paying special attention to both the UbiSoft and Microsoft presentations, considering I don’t have a gorillion dollars to buy a Ps3. ¬†While I could go on for hours about all the bullshit celebrity appearances and the no-really-this-will-be-cool-but-we’re-not-showing-you-any-gameplay fluff pieces, but the thing that made me actually interested was the whole SmartGlass thing, and how it’ll work together with Internet Explorer. ¬†Check it out, it’s actually pretty cool:


6 thoughts on “E3: SmartGlass and Internet Explorer on Xbox 360

    • Well I’d much rather use Firefox or Chrome, but the Xbox is Microsft’s rodeo after all. I thought it was noteworthy that you will be able to control a browser on your television and use your iPod as a trackpad for the cursor.

  1. I’m definitely intrigued by this. Could be really cool, and it’ll be nice if IE doesn’t lock up and/or crash as much as the PS3 browser does. Problem with it is, I really don’t feel like shelling out the cash for a text interface device to use this, and the xbox on screen keyboard sucks ass. I’ll just stick to having my tablet next to me when I’m gaming or whatever. But the TV related stuff looks cool, and if I actually paid for any of the good channels it might interest me. Truth be told, though I have both, I rarely use my xbox. Only for exclusive games, or games that were far better coded for it than the PS3, like Orange Box and Bayonetta.

    • To be honest, the last time I used my Xbox was to play ME3. Before that, I think it was Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – and the next time I’ll use it will be for Assassin’s Creed 3 – I don’t think using it to stream Netflix movies to the television really counts.

      Still, I love the emergent technology, and if they can make Xbox Live less expensive than paying for cable TV and have it offer just as robust a number of services, Comcast can take its overpriced cable box and go choke on a million dicks.

  2. That was an awesome Prometheus commercial.

    It’s kind of cool, but why do I need a smart phone to interact with it? Can’t I just use an xbox controller? I mean, it’s already wireless and sitting right there. I do appreciate the idea of using the browser on my TV, considering the fact that the xbox is basically a super powerful computer and could probably load the web faster than any of my other hardware…

    And I just thought of another thing:

    Do you really want to use IE on your Xbox to look at the internet? I mean, Microsoft isn’t renowned for it’s privacy standards or its security. What happens when I download a virus and have to ship it back to Microsoft to clean up the system? The Xbox, in its own tightly controlled environment is probably fine, but there’s a reason I don’t use IE for my own laptop: it’s not secure. But, even if I do get a virus, I can remove it myself.

    Cool concept, as far as integrating technologies, but it’ll probably go the way of Apple TV, or this thing:


    Which, for the record, looks kind of cool.

    • It does look kind of cool. I think the one thing we can take away from this is that there won’t be as much proprietary bullshit any more. With Microsoft doing the whole all-platforms thing with their SmartGlass gizmo, you don’t HAVE to buy a Windows 8 phone or tablet or any other such bullshit (Nintendo, I’m looking at WiiU).

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