Man, it’s hard work getting up at the crack of noon every day.

I miss Netscape Navigator.

It’s like Thunderdome, but without Tina Turner in a chainmail miniskirt.

I really don’t have much for you folks today, as it rained all day yesterday and I’m pretty much exhausted just from being cooped up for the past 24 hours.  On top of that, for some reason the back end is not getting along with Chrome right now and it’s incredibly inconvenient – I actually had to switch back to Firefox to post today.  This bothers me.

I know it’s not my computer.  How do I know this, pray tell?  Because my day job consists of writing about 2,000 words of copy a day and posting it across several sites that run off a WordPress backend, and all those work absolutely just fine in Chrome.  So whatever you’re doing to me, Automattic, knock it the fuck off, already!

George W. Bush: Pussy destroyer.

Om nom nom nom.

It’s odd to think that I literally write for a living.  Granted it’s not my fiction that’s resulting in putting food on my family, but if I didn’t have this job working as a freelance copywriter, I wouldn’t have been able to afford to do things like take time out of my day to write fiction – or even this daily blog.  Not only that, but I make my own hours; my main client lives in the UK, and all his websites are hosted there, so my daily deadlines for getting the new copy up every day is 2 AM.  This makes it really easy to do things like go out in the middle of the day to catch a matinee or something.

Of course, having such a late deadline can lead to problems as well.  When I first started, I would put off getting my work done until late in the evening, only to find myself starting to fade out while I was trying to finish my work in order to get it in under deadline.  This proved to be completely unsustainable after more than a few months, so I switched to doing it earlier in the day.  Not only did this mean I had my evenings free – I can stay up as late as I want playing Diablo 3 because, well, I’m an adult and if I want to get up at the crack of noon on a Wednesday I can – but it also made my deadline stop looming over me on an emotional level, and I’ve found that I’m able to enjoy myself much more now without having to constantly worry that I’ve got 2,000 unfinished words of copy hanging over my head.

I hate McDonald's.

This thing costs like $150. Do you have any idea how many McDoubles I can get for that?

In all honesty, the worst part of the job is having to be so dependent on an internet connection.  This is also the best part of the job as well, as I can quite literally do my job anywhere as long as I’ve got an internet connection and a laptop; of course, if our power goes out, this means a mad scramble to the closest place that has free WiFi so I can set up shop for a couple of hours and crank out my work before the place closes.  It’s inconvenient and it stresses the hell out of me, but it’s not the end of the world.  I might eventually invest in one of those mobile hotspot devices, just in case, but those things are expensive as hell.  In the meantime I’ll just “borrow” WiFi signal from the local McDonald’s or something.

Being able to do my work anywhere is also why I use Chrome.  I don’t have to set up my bookmarks or look up the passwords for the seven or so different websites I write for every time I use someone else’s computer, as Chrome saves all of that information on a Google cloud server somewhere.  You just sign in to Chrome and in about a minute and a half you’ve got everything ready to go, just like you were siting at your computer at home, in your underwear and with three days’ growth of beard.

Of course, I sit around in my underwear in pubic, too.  Until someone calls the cops, anyway.


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