Ladies and gentlemen: Vaughn R. Demont.

While it’s Saturday, and I usually reserve the weekend for posting stupid cat videos, instead I’d like to take the time to welcome my good friend and colleague Vaughn R. Demont to WordPress!

Vaughn and I go way back.  How far back?  Well, when we met, Ragnaros was endgame content in World of Warcraft.  In fact, I have rare in-game footage of one of Mr. Demont’s characters:

It took rigorous experimentation, but we managed to increase his DPS by a factor of 12.

Stupid druid tricks aside, Vaughn is one of the most talented writers it’s ever been my privilege to work with.  If you’re a fan of urban fantasy fiction – think Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden series – you owe it to yourself to give Vaughn’s body of work a good look.  His site also looks a lot prettier than mine, but after looking at it, I might rip off some of his layout.  Fair warning, Vaughn.

Please join me in welcoming Vaughn to WordPress!


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