One week and counting!

Blue is cool.

It’s blue.

Well, this is it, ladies and gentlemen: just one more week until the Summer/Fall 2012 edition of Twit Publishing Presents: PULP! hits virtual store shelves.  In order to commemorate the occasion, the header banner has been changed; hopefully you like the new blue better than the old green.

I’m looking forward to this new edition, and not just because the next installment of Sarge’s story plays out – there are several returning authors that I can’t wait to read, and quite a few new ones that I’ll enjoy getting to know as well.  Twit’s anthologies have simply been getting better and better with every new edition, and I’m honored that the Brothers Gabrysch keep asking me back.

Funnier if you play Left 4 Dead.

Waiting to see your next story in print is kind of like waiting for Christmas Day back when you were a kid.  You try to keep your mind off it by occupying yourself with other things, but every time you think you forget, the realization is right there waiting for you, and all of a sudden you’re paralyzed with anticipation for a few minutes.  It gets worse as the date creeps closer, as the days seem to crawl and nothing you do – work, school, drinking heavily – seem to actually help pass the time any quicker.  Then, all of a sudden you wake up, there’s presents stashed under the tree, and you get to look forward to stealing your uncle’s methadone pills after dinner.  On second thought, maybe that was just at my house over the holidays.

Did you know free food tastes better?  It's true!

Gratis, even.

Anyway, I hope everyone who enjoyed your free taste of “Blowing Off Some Steam” liked it enough to pick up at least the digital download of the new PULP anthology, where Sarge’s story picks up right where it left off.  I’d offer to sign the e-reader of anyone who downloads a copy, but somehow I think that having me take a sharpie to your Kindle screen isn’t going to endear me to too many people.  However, if you’re like me (cheap) and you don’t want to shell out the $2.99 for a digital copy, but still want to read more about Sarge, Twit will soon be offering an exclusive free digital version of “Landfall,” a prequel that tells the story of how the crew of the Aristeia ended up on New Herculaneum.  You’ll love it because it’s free – and free stuff is always better – and if you haven’t yet had a chance to read the first story that kicked this all off, that’s still available for free, too.

By the way, if it turns out you like “A Stiff Drink,” props go to Vaughn R. Demont, who gave me his excellent editorial input on the story.  If you hate it, it’s all his fault, though.


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