Any landing you can walk away from…

Been sitting on this cover for weeks.


Good heavens, Gentle Reader, would you just look at the clock?  Why, it’s time for some free fiction, courtesy of Twit Publishing!  I hope you like science fiction written by authors who never finished a physics class; if you do, you’re in for a treat, as my new short story “Landfall” is available right now.

There are currently two ways you can read the new short story, as you can either download it in PDF or Kindle e-book format directly from Twit’s website, or you can simply visit the publisher’s Facebook page, where “Landfall” is available in its entirety for your reading pleasure.  At least, I hope you take pleasure from it.

Sheldon, you autismal bastard.

Look, Mom, I’m socially relevant.

In fact, I guarantee that you will enjoy “Landfall” if you take the time to read it.  If you’re not completely 100% satisfied by your experience, simply return the the short story’s electrons in their original packaging and I’ll issue you a full and complete refund.  In fact, I can make the supplementary claim that all the research I did for the technology present in “Landfall” is an extrapolation of current research and development, represented realistically and correctly.  I mean, I made it almost completely through one episode of The Big Bang Theory.  This means I am now an expert in astrophysics and sitcom writing.  Bazinga!

Please buy a book. I'm cold and there are wolves after me.

1.5 of these bad boys can be yours.

All passive-aggressive digs at Chuck Lorre aside, I hope you all enjoy my new short story.  If you do happen to get a kick out of it, there’s more where that came from – check out the other free stuff Twit offers as well; if you want more, don’t forget that their Summer/Fall 2012 anthology is coming out on July 24th!  If you can’t wait, why not purchase something from the back catalog while you’re at it?

I’m serious: I’ll split my royalty with anyone who buys something.  I get 3 cents on the dollar for every sale, so we’re talking big money, here!  Oh and Chuck?  Call me; I’ve got some great ideas for next season.



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