Is there no end to this rampant douchebaggery?

These assholes know how to party.

The WBC: A master class in real life trolling.

I’ve been avoiding talking about the recent movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado that occurred last weekend.  I honestly didn’t want to be part of the problem when it came to heaping notoriety on the completely batshit insane perpetrator of the shooting, and I’d rather not have the lunatic’s MK ULTRA-style blank look plastered all over this website; in fact, don’t even expect me to mention the bastard’s name.  So what could possibly prompt me to finally come out and add my voice to the cacophony?  Only the most visible and reviled hate group we have in the United States: the Westboro Baptist Church.

You see that's funny because in the UK cigarettes are referr- you know what, forget it.  It's not funny if I have to explain it.

Man, God really has a strict anti-smoking stance doesn’t he?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the WBC; they’re the infamous hate group masquerading as a church that operates out of Topeka, Kansas.  They’ve been in the news for years, using the Word of God as a fig leaf for spewing messages of hate against, well, pretty much everyone that isn’t them.  The primary source of the WBC’s hatred has been the LGBT community, justified by two passages in Leviticus that refer to homosexuality as “an abomination,” causing the church’s ire to be spread amongst anyone who has ever supported gender equality ever, up to and including the US government for repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

The typical tactics employed by the WBC include the family in charge of the organization, headed by 82 year old Fred Phelps and his brood of thirteen children, showing up at funerals and holding up big signs that say “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” or some similarly offensive slogan thought up by old Fred in his infinite douchebaggery.  Allegedly a cruel, vindictive child beater according to one of his estranged sons, Fred Phelps is exactly the kind of hateful lunatic you don’t want in charge of a religious institution of any kind, especially one that has made it a mission to point out that we’re all going to hell for being “fags and fag enablers.”

It’s not enough for Phelps and his brainwashed brood of homophobes to protest things like gay pride parades or encore showings of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert; no, the order of the day for the Westboro Baptist Church has been to picket the sites of any and all tragedies over the past ten or fifteen years, stating that it’s God’s punishment upon us for the sin of not hating someone because they were born gay, sort of how Jerry Falwell stuck his big, fat, ignorant foot right in his mouth right after the 9/11 attacks.  Of course, the WBC has never apologized or backed down like Falwell (insincerely) has; the Phelps clan has been unrepentant in their message of hate and that God’s wrath has descended upon the United States for supporting the Gay Agenda (which sometimes coincides with the almost as hated Zionist Agenda), leading to each and every tragedy that has befallen us over the last few years.

Insanity writ large.

Because peace, love, and compassion is for faggots.

This happened again recently – like clockwork, the WBC hate machine fired up in the wake of the Aurora shootings, with several of of the Phelps children finding their way onto the Internet long enough to begin plastering Twitter with hateful messages with the “#ThankGodForTheShooter” hashtag.  WBC immediately made plans to picket the Aurora vigil that had been organized in remembrance of the 12 victims who lost their lives, even going so far as to gleefully look forward to showing up and rolling out of their big hatemobile with their “God Hates Fags” signs.

Fucking Philistines.

New hashtag: #GodHatesPhotoshop.

And then, something interesting happened.  Not only did the call go out for people to come in droves to the Aurora vigil to form a “Wall of Love” to act as a buffer between the WBC when they showed up and those mourning the loss of their loved ones, but the Phelps family actually didn’t show up.  Oh, they said they did; in fact they even tweeted a Photoshopped image to make it look like they did.  Apparently nobody ever told them that breaking the Ninth Commandment is a sin – or maybe it’s okay if bearing false witness to your neighbors if they’re all going to Hell anyway?  Don’t ask me, I obviously don’t understand people like this.  All I can say is I hope a new #GodHatesPhotoshop hashtag starts making the rounds as a result.

The grand irony is, of course, that it is thanks to the very laws of the country it so despises that the Westboro Baptist Church has the right to spew their message of rampant hate.  The Supreme Court has ruled that their picketing behavior is protected speech under the Bill of Rights, so we’ve got to put up with their bullshit until the senior Phelps finally succumbs to old age, which is when the rest of his family will probably fall apart in the aftermath.  While I have a problem condoning the finding of joy in the suffering or misfortune of others, I think the Powers That Be may excuse me for a brief bout of schadenfreude the day Mr. Phelps shuffles off this mortal coil; I have pity for a man so filled with irrational, towering hate, but just because I can only imagine the dark, joyless life he must lead.  Death, for him, would be a release from a lifetime of fear, and pain, and woefully misdirected hatred.

Hopefully he’ll come out of the closet before he dies.


4 thoughts on “Is there no end to this rampant douchebaggery?

  1. Yeah, those guys really take advantage of our rights in a bad way. I agree its their right, but let examine the additional hypocracy that these people are permitted to do this, but peaceful protesters need to get permits to march and get beaten by cops.

    Nice, just shows the govt isn’t in favor of free speach so much as division and hate.

    Nice mk ultra comment by the way. While I’m skeptical about that possibility, I can see why some people think he could be a victim of that program. Very odd behaviour.

    • I figured that bastard has got to be stoned out of his gourd on something. I mean how do you go from more or less normal to raving lunatic over the course of a year or so?

  2. What really sucks is that like any troll, they feed on all the hate and attention they get. They’re essentially a packed of hyperactive five year olds with no supervision who will literally do or say anything to get any kind of attention. After all, it’s easier to get negative attention than positive. Even they know that they’re going to hell, they think everyone is, they’re just going to earn it more than others.
    In my opinion, they’re basically the world’s most self-aware meme, needing to infect every mind, every media outlet, every blog so that people will keep talking and thinking about them. That’s really all they’re after, in the end, and it’s the only way to stop an organization like the WBC: ignore them, don’t blog about them, don’t report on them unless they come to violence and finally cross the line to a terrorist organization. They know they’re an easy target for hate in return, they purposefully do it that way to make it difficult to turn the other cheek. The only way we’ll be rid of them is to stop making the pastime rewarding for them.

    • Dealing with trolls is like dealing with gremlins – except instead of “don’t feed them after midnight” it’s just simply “don’t feed them. Ever.”

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