Wow. Just… wow.

You might have missed it, but the 30th Olympiad kicked off last evening.  The opening ceremony was miles from the highly regimented drills performed by proud, completely terrified Chinese “volunteers” that we saw four years ago marching in lockstep around the arena; instead we got a wonderful combination of pomp and goofiness from the entirety of Great Britain, up to and including one hell of an entrance from Her Highness:

I can see your bloomers, ma'am.

Tally ho, chaps!

Yes, the opening ceremony featured none other than a stuntman dressed as the Queen parachuting from a hovering helicopter, escorted by none other than Daniel Craig as James Bond.  I guess if you’re going to make an entrance, you’re going to do it in style!

Of course, this is nothing I wouldn’t expect from an Olympic Committee that selected a logo that closely resembles Lisa Simpson giving her brother head:

What has been seen...

Diddely doodely.

All kidding aside, I absolutely love the British.  I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for this year’s Summer Games!  It’s also good to know that nobody’s going to get shot because they missed a cue.


3 thoughts on “Wow. Just… wow.

      • Yes you should, its actually quite good in spite of some elements. The movie is also very faithful to the book as well and you don’t have the usual “bah its not as good as the book” snobbery one usualy experiences.

        It doesn’t hurt that the book is quite clearly on the pulse of what the globalists are actually doing to the world.

        Bread and circuses my friend. Bread and circus. Is it any wonder that the capital city iin the hunger games is named panem? Read the whole trillogy to understand how important the whole thing really is.

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