Are you suffering from Sexually Liberated Uterine Tendencies?

It's funny because it's true.

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

So for anyone who didn’t feel a disturbance in the Force last night, the Republican National Convention was held in Tampa, Florida yesterday, and never would you ever find such a fantastic cross-section of America: seeing all those young rich white people standing side-by-side in solidarity with old rich white people absolutely brought a tear to my eye.

In honor of these brave patriots who aren’t afraid to stand up to the tyranny of the 99 percent, I present to you the following YouTube video, carefully selected to commemorate these fine Americans:


Guild Wars 2: the first 48 hours (otherwise known as “I hate my computer”).

Same number of guilds, though.

Twice as much war as GW1!

ArenaNet’s hotly anticipated Guild Wars 2 hit this weekend, with the servers opening their doors a full three days early for anyone who pre-purchased the game.  For the most part this pre-purchase launch has been relatively stable save for a few hours here and there – but the problems I encountered had nothing to do with that.

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Free fiction; get it while it’s hot!

Limited time only.  Don't be lazy!

It’s free, bitches!

So you may be familiar with a little independent publisher called Twit Publishing.  I dunno, I might have mentioned them eight or nine billion times or so, considering they’re my publisher and all.

Well, guess what?  You can get their newest anthology, Twit Publishing Presents: PULP! Summer/Fall 2012 for free.  Right now, this very second.

Don’t wait too long – this deal isn’t going to last forever!

“But I don’t have a Kindle!” you say.  Well that’s no god damned excuse – Amazon offers something called the Kindle Cloud Reader.  It’s a free service that lets you read e-books downloaded from Amazon without an e-book reader.  You can even read downloaded e-books in offline mode!

So go to Amazon, get your free copy of PULP! Summer/Fall 2012, and read my short story, “A Stiff Drink,” and the 11 other fantastic tales that are just begging to be read as well!

Then, if you like it, don’t forget to review it!  Oh, and buy 20 or 30 of the softcover version for all your friends and relatives.  I promise to dip my junk in ink and give you an “autograph” if you send your copy to me.

No foolin’.