The Ballad of Sergeant Wu

Surprisingly the black guy doesn't die in the first five minutes.

My what big claws you have.

Last October, Grimm hit the airwaves.  It was kind of lost in between the premiere of the second season of The Walking Deadbut the fiancée and I caught the first few episodes – it wasn’t bad, but we kind of lost interest after the fifth episode – but after going back and watching a few more, we’re hooked.

How do you say "this man is awesome" in Mandarin?


If you’re unfamiliar with it, the premise is pretty cool: a Portland homicide detective finds out that he’s the latest in a long line of monster hunters descended from the Brothers Grimm – and that monsters are real.  It’s an interesting mix of horror and police procedural, but it can be quite fun to watch, especially because the cast is great.  There’s one stand-out performance, though, and that’s from Reggie Lee, who plays Sergeant Wu, and he’s goddamn hilarious.

Lee’s performance is absolutely spot-on.  His portrayal of Wu is dry, sarcastic, and self-effacing, while at the same time sharp-witted and competent.  He’s comic relief done right – without being bumbling or a caricature – and his characterization is just a joy to watch.

In my head, Sergeant Wu is the direct descendant of Deadwood‘s Mr. Wu, immortalized here in all his (NSFW) glory:

By the way, if you’ve seen the entirety of Grimm‘s first season, keep your god damned mouth shut.  We’re still working our way through the backlog On Demand and we just finished the 10th episode, so I swear to Zombie Jesus if someone Keyser Soze’s me I’m going to be pretty pissed off.


3 thoughts on “The Ballad of Sergeant Wu

  1. I’d almost forgotten how awesome the dialogue on that show was. That was the greatest story ever cut short because of budgeting concerns and the CEO of a company getting thrown in jail.

    • Between the end of Deadwood and Rome and ever since True Blood jumped the shark, there’s little precious little that’s good on HBO when Game of Thrones isn’t in season.

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