Is it just me or does it seem like something’s missing here?  Like Patrick Swayze and a non-crazy Charlie Sheen?


One thought on “WOLVERINES!!

  1. #1: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! (Yes I will see it.)

    #2: Yes it looks better than I expected. Actually, it looks fucking awesome!

    #3: I don’t like the idea that one of the guys is a Marine. Not because I have anything against Marines or anything. But what was important to me in the first version, was that the Wolverines were NOT military in any way. Just average people who overcame their situation. Having one person be a marine send the message that ONLY military is really suited to being patriotic and able to defend their homes. I don’t think this was a BAD idea so much as i just prefer the idea of the Wolverines being just average people.

    Think about it, when we were kids, we always got told that the average person could rise to any occasion. That kids could fight off and beat an Arachnid Clown alien. That A bunch of misfits could find a long lost treasure no matter how Goonie they are. That a bunch of Highschool kids could mount a meaningful resistance to Russian Occupational forces.

    Now we are taught that only OFFICIAL soldiers and Police can be badass heroes. It’s a subtle but meaningful shift as it implies a civilian is inferior in every way. OF course your tinfoil hat has to be double wrapped to see that far down the rabbit hole.

    Don’t get me wrong, The Marine makes the story a bit more believable on some levels. No doubt his training and skills would be of paramount importance in real life to any resistance and if a story like this really happened, you would want as many ex military guys on your side as you could get!

    But Today with an American population that now sees Militia people or even kids who like Military Sim paintball as social outcasts… I see it kinda as a subtle blow to the fiber of what should make a nation strong.

    The Founding fathers envisioned a country protected by MILITIA’s with every citizen potentially being armed. Making invasion a suicidal prospect. Not protected by a Regular Army and National Guard that can be predictably and conventionally defeated with a disarmed population at stake.

    However, I think this movie might inject a dose of “Wake the fuck up” in some people with regard to this idea. So overall My tinfoil Hat is humming with delight 🙂

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