Great Scott! This is heavy.

New episodes of Doctor Who started last night, and I’m reeling after watching around 15 episodes in a row, thanks to the BBC America marathon all weekend.

As a result my head is filled with wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey nonsense at the moment.  The only thing I can think of right now is what would happen if the TARDIS collided with the DeLorean from Back to the Future, kind of like this:

Does the TARDIS have a valid MOT?

I don’t think my insurance covers this, Marty.


While this is cool (and I’m sure has spawned at least twelve or thirteen thousand horrible fan-fiction cross-overs, there can be only one true outcome in such a situation:

TARDIS/DeLorean hybrid. Geek wet dream.

The glove box is bigger on the inside.

Do you think the Doctor can drive a manual transmission?



5 thoughts on “Great Scott! This is heavy.

  1. I always found it amusing that the name Tardis (wich I know means Time and Relative Dimensions in space), has the word Tardi in it. Which isn’t a word, but sounds like the word Tardy…

    As in late all the time.

    But it’s a time machine thingamabobber, so it can’t ever be late unless its on purpose.

    But overall, I liked Doctor who mostly for its opening and closing credits music, and only really liked the original show from decades ago. the new ones are “Ok.”

    But don’t translate as well as series like star trek.

    But that’s OK, We could all be watching Blake’s 7… Of course, I liked Blake’s 7 back in the day 2, and the creator Terry Nolan also created my favorite Dr Who bad guys… the DALEKS 😉

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