Adobe Flash? Put a fork in it – it’s done.

Remember when all you needed was an 8-directional joystick and one button?

You sexy bitch.

Remember back in the days of when Adobe Flash Player was the coolest shit out there?  Well it’s fucking done – check out the shit you can do in HTML 5, courtesy of Microsoft and Atari.

This Labor Day, celebrate the spirit of the American work ethic by goofing off and playing some updated versions of the classic Atari games that got you staring blearily at your television and breaking your first game controllers in frustration!  The graphics and sound have been updated, but the gameplay is more or less the same, and it’s all done without using an ounce of Flash.  It’s also completely free.  I know this makes me a bit of a weirdo for being passionate about something so seemingly unimportant, but this is the future, folks!


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