How to piss off a feminist.

What is this I don't even

Wait, what?

The fact that bullshit like this was acceptable ever makes my head spin.

Real content to return on Monday!


4 thoughts on “How to piss off a feminist.

  1. (TLDR at bottom)

    LOL I dunno Dave, we usually agree on a lot of things, but of all the instances of sexism out there, Wonderwoman being concerned about her eyelashes strikes me (admittedly as a male) as being kinda a very minor thing. In fact, to me it’s no different than Indiana Jones reaching back to snag his hat despite the obvious danger in getting his arm ripped off. Or Sean Connery somehow managing to keep his suit clean despite rockets and bombs and gore flying around, or Captain Kirk getting his shirt ripped every other fight scene.

    Now before some women bash the shit out of me for being misogynist – My wife more or less agrees that this isn’t sexist. So let me try and explain (I’m not, I’m an equalatist, Yes I just made that word up. So sometimes when I’m being like that some might see me as misogynist.).

    #1: Wonderwoman is a badass. As a badass we have to assume that the pain of tearing out eyelashes is without concern for her. Also it seems like the eyelashes she is concerned about are fake (from the way it’s written). Since She is also supposedly an amazonian, blessed by each of the gods. One of those blessing is to be as beautiful as Aphrodite. This implies at least a certain concern and vanity for her looks. She is supposed to remain a lady at all times. To me this is no different than the examples I gave above of manly men doing manly things. Remember her image IS important to her. Otherwise she she would go GI Jane instead.
    #2: The “Feminine vanity” remark DOES of course potentially push it closer to being sexist, but we have to assume the author meant it in a sexist manner. Masculine and feminine Vanity is a normal part of what makes us boys and girls under the social dynamics of our time. Despite our belief that we shouldn’t care about social norms in our attempt to normalize things lie homosexuality etc, we don’t see men running around in platform high heels with purses. If I was held hostage by criminals, and I Was escaping, I might not like the idea of having to pull my hair out that I worked so hard to grow for decades. That could be an example of my masculine Vanity at work. IF that was stated in a comic book I wouldn’t be offended. I’d be like “Damn right! I’m that much of a badass I’m going to escape with my hair still tied to the metal bars!”
    #3: This is nothing compared to examples from the 40s and 50s where women are more or less shown as lower class citizens in advertizing etc.
    #4: Feminism is often mistaken for equality. Sadly, in practice today – the feminist movement is less and less about equal rights, and more about female dominance. As an Equalatist (there’s that word again). I believe that people deserve to be treated the same as everyone else regardless of color, sex, creed, or choice of ice cream flavor. IF your a woman, I’m just as likely to hold a door for you as I am a MAN. Yes that’s right I hold doors open for men and women! I’m just as likely to tell you a fart joke as I would my bros. I’m also just as likely to look at the household expense report and be like – “Where’s your half the rent?” or if your not working “Honey while I’m work all day today could you do the grocery shopping and have dinner ready when I get home?” In the reverse situation I would expect the SAME.
    #5: There ARE differences between the sexes. both physically, and emotionally. What an Equalitist understands is that being equal doesn’t mean we have the same qualities. It means we get equal right to be what we are, and share responsibility and authority. But if there is a 200lb dresser you need carried upstairs, you call the man of the house. And if I need my clothes color coordinated I’m calling on my women friends (or gay male friends) for that assistance!

    Now understand some of what I’m saying is tongue in cheek and meant to be humorous, but the point is the same regardless.

    Anyway – TLDR:

    Dave, no offense, but I Think your overreacting 🙂

  2. I honestly didn’t think I was overreacting. I suppose I should have elaborated a bit more in the post, but it was late and it’s Sunday and I didn’t feel like really doing the whole “analysis and interpret” thing.

    It’s important to note that this is a very early Wonder Woman issue – probably 50+ years old or so judging by the art style. The writing is just atrocious. I mean are you seriously going to say that your hero is going to stumble around blind in an attempt to escape because she doesn’t want to ruin her false eyelashes? I understand the point you’re making about the vanity of Aphrodite, but she’s also got aspects of all the other Greek gods inside her and they really should trump it.

    Amazons were supposed to be fearful “death by Snu Snu” warrior types. It just strikes me as the height of 1950s patriarchal bullshit to artificially make it harder to escape because she’s too “vain” to rip the goddamn bandages from her eyes. That shit would seriously not fly in today’s comic book market – not unless it was a satire or a parody!

  3. Well I never said it was a well thought out idea on the part of the writers LOL I just don’t think it’s all that offensive. At least not more so than 99% of what passes for entertainment these days 😉

    What probably happened was the illustrator made a bunch of images based on the loosely detailed plot, and then the dialogue was written after the panels were assembled.

    As someone who has worked on comic book stuff a few times, in a lot of cases the writer is often the last one to really get a hold of it, as you don’t base your panels around dialogue or text as much as you base it on a rough outline.

    To a certain degree the writer then has to make stuff fit the combination of images and plot outline.

    My point is, it could have just been a really crappy idea.

    IMHO It’s only really offensive if you want it to be. Remember I asked my wife and she just thought it was a silly premise. She didn’t storm into the kitchen and burn her bra (I asked her to cuz i thought it would be incredibly sexy, but she had stuff to do).

    To me it’s just silly, and poor taste and i agree it wouldn’t fly today – because today that plot never would have passed the first edit. She would be naked and chained to a wall surrounded by TERRORIST guards with phallic looking control batons in their hands instead.

    And no that wasn’t just a secret fantasy of mine… *hides his naked wonder woman dolls*

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