Do it anyway.

Step three is profit!

Open door, insert dick.

Ever been so damn exhausted by your own life that the thought of finishing whatever it is you’re working on is about as appealing as slamming your genitals in the refrigerator door over and over again, or is it just me?

Life is pretty hectic around these parts lately.  If I’m not working on copy for a client, I’m ferrying the fiancée to doctor’s appointments, engaging in wedding planning, wrestling with whichever of our seven cats that has decided that he can’t live another damn moment without throwing up on my keyboard, or carving out a weekend here and there to actually do something fun – but that usually requires more prep time than taking down Superman with  kryptonite brass knuckles and a suit of power armor.  It’s one of the reasons why I’m both looking forward to going to Legacy this weekend, yet also dreading the amount of work I’ll need to get done to actually allow me to take Saturday and Sunday off.


Bad kitty! Bad! Get down from — ah, fuck it.

Some nights I really lack the motivation to do anything besides just stumble to bed after polishing off the last bit of work for a client.  It’s late, I’m bleary-eyed, and I can barely string two coherent sentences together, but still I sit back down at the computer and put together some sort of blog post – even if it’s just some stupid YouTube video of  a cat licking its harbls and farting “Yankee Doodle Dandy” or something.  You’re welcome for that mental image, by the way.

So why do I do it?  Why update this blog nearly every day for more than seven months straight? The answer’s simple: if there’s something that you can do that will make you grow as a person, even if you’re physically and mentally exhausted by your day, do it anyway.  It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it leads to development in a positive direction; putting it off because you’re too tired just leads you to find another excuse the next day for not doing it, and before you know it you’ve gone weeks or even months before actually taking any sort of action towards your goals.

Nothing like a bunch of sweaty, half-naked Roman slaves to get you in the mood.

The beatings will continue until morale improves.

You might be scratching your head and wondering what the hell writing a daily blog post is ‘positive development,’ but think about it: writing this blog every day is the one thing that I do that I want to, yet don’t have to.  There’s no consequences for not writing something for a 7 AM post time the morning after, as this isn’t exactly a paid gig (WordAds doesn’t count, as we’re talking 1/10 of a penny for every impression or something equally silly).  I’ve got no deadline, no boss breathing down my neck, no real reason to keep doing this day in and day out except maybe to keep myself entertained, but what it really comes down to is that in a choice between sleep and an hour or so spent tapping away at a keyboard in the dark for free, I consistently end up choosing door number two.

It might be simply because that I don’t have any requirement to write this blog post every day.  It means that it’s fully my choice when it comes to whether or not I fire up WordPress and start writing, or spend half an hour researching goofy shit to recycle into the blogosphere for a laugh on days that I’m going to be away from home and unable to write a more traditional post.  The fact that I’m doing this completely of my own free will means that it is, indeed, by my will alone that I set my mind in motion; I defy my desire for sleep, that agent of entropy, every time I decide to pick up the proverbial pen and write a blog post, even though I’m exhausted.  I’m seeing something that I can do, but I don’t have to, and yet still I do it anyway.  I draw strength from that; it’s an accomplishment, a Triumph of the Will albeit without the goose-stepping morons, and it’s just one more thing to look back and point to and say, “this is what you can do when you don’t give up for anything.”


10 thoughts on “Do it anyway.

  1. No pressure or anything, but if there wasn’t a blog post in the morning when I got up, I’d have nothing to read and I’d have to do something productive. You don’t want that on your head do you? DO YOU?!?

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