Lawyers, Guns, & Money

Just let it go, man.

Get me more duct tape!

Well, it finally happened – the shit has hit the fan.  My video card has pretty much given up the ghost, and my computer spends more time as a paperweight than an actual working piece of hardware.  I’ve managed to Frankenstein something together using an old spare computer that I didn’t even realize I had.

This computer was was cutting-edge about eight years ago.  It still had a 3.5″ floppy drive, a 512 megabyte stick of RAM, and a 40 gigabyte hard drive when I pulled it out of the closet.  I’m not even kidding – I had to cannibalize a slightly older computer to give it a larger hard drive and an additional gig of memory, and I can’t even stream Pandora while I’ve got more than one browser tab open.

What, you haven't seen "Return of the Jedi?"

Gammorean dental tools.

I know this just sounds like White People’s Problems, but it’s actually a serious fucking problem when I have to cobble one working computer together out of two other non-functional ones, considering that it’s my god damned livelihood we’re talking about here.  It’s going to be like pulling teeth on a Rancor with a pair of Channellock pliers getting work done like this, and I’m honestly afraid I’m going to lose revenue over this fiasco.

I’m afraid that I’m going to have to use the Nuclear Option here, folks, and my landlord ain’t gonna like it: I’m going to have to spend some cash earmarked for rent money to get replacement parts.  I’m praying to Zombie Jesus that the video card’s the only problem, and that picking up some shitty North Korean bootleg video card for $50 won’t end up burning the house down, and hopefully the guy we rent this place from will understand that being a little short this month will enable us to continue paying him regularly in the months to come.

Gee, I can’t wait to have that conversation.


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