Business or pleasure?

Has anyone seen my inhaler?

Pack light.

Yesterday I once again found myself sitting for hours in the car on the way to a remote location.  Unlike a few weeks ago, when the goal was to dress up like Renaissance Faire rejects and hit each other with foam swords, instead my fiancée and I took the trip down to Long Island, as the wedding’s inching closer and today is a mandatory dress fitting or something.

I don’t know what this “mandatory” shit is about but it’s a real drag as far as I’m concerned.  As much as I love getting back down to my old stamping grounds for the weekend, and all the possibilities that go with it, this weekend is so scheduled and regimented that I’ll be lucky to find five minutes alone in the bathroom.  Alas, this means the fiancée and I are going to be scarce.  This is more than a little disappointing, considering how much of an absolute blast it was last time we came down in early August, but there’s not much to be done about it.

So while there’s a chance I might be able to run across one or two of you Long Island folk this weekend (the fiancée needs to drop off a necklace she made for someone), it’s going to be like two ships passing in the night.  If you’re looking for me, the best place to find me today will probably be at Men’s Wearhouse as I’m bullied into picking out tuxedo rentals for the wedding party.

You just read this in my voice, didn't you?


2 thoughts on “Business or pleasure?

  1. Dave, when choosing a tux. Always go with tails. Anyway, the wife n I will be in dover with her family for nascar this weekend anyway so even if you had another awesome get together we would not be able to attend. Which is basically my way of saying, “at least I won’t feel all shitty about missing a reunion.”

    Anyway not to worry soon your special day will arrive and well all be sitting around celebrating your wedding to your wonderful lady and looking forward to future reunions.

    Also did anyone mention to you that people actually pay you a shit ton of money when you get married? No seriously I had no idea! Lol

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