Good authors are hard to find.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to announce that Lightning Rod, the latest novel written by my good friend and colleague Vaughn R. Demont is available now in digital download from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and directly from his publisher.

I’ve known Vaughn quite literally for years now, and he’s a funny, smart, and talented man that deserves all the success in the world.  Well, maybe just a tiny little less success than me.  I mean I’ve got to keep up appearances, after all.  But that’s besides the point; you should check out Lightning Rod – or any of Vaughn’s other works – if you’re a fan of  urban fantasy novels like Jim Butcher’s Dresden stories.

Fair warning: there are men kissing other men in Vaughn’s works.  But if you’re really the kind of person that’s going to let something like that stand in the way of enjoying excellent urban fantasy, then that’s your problem, not mine – and certainly not Vaughn’s.

So do yourself a favor and pick up Lightning Rod, or any of Vaughn”s other novels, and see what you think.  If you’re like me, you won’t be disappointed – and you’ll be eagerly waiting for more.  Buy your copy in the next three days and get it at the sale price of $3.85!


5 thoughts on “Good authors are hard to find.

    • If it turns out that you like it, I’d pick up Vaughn’s “Coyote’s Creed” as well, it’s the one that kicked the series off.

      • Oh, then maybe i’ll pick that one off first. Are both books about the same characters?

      • They are, though the cast of characters will rotate slightly. It’s all set in the same city, though, which is a character unto itself.

      • OK. I’ll probably have Cat read it first, since she reads a hundred times faster than I do. Thanks dude.

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