The calm before the storm.

Don't make me leaaaaaaaave!

Comfy as fuck.

I can’t wait until the next four weeks or so are done and gone.  This is the last weekend the fiancée and I will have to ourselves before the insanity begins.  If it’s not running down to Long Island for wedding preparation, it’ll be dragging our asses up to Faire Play to get hit with foam-covered sticks, and every single weekend until the 11th of November besides this one will be consumed with traveling far from home.

I'd tap that, if you know what I mean.

Black border – nothing but the best.

Some people absolutely love to pull up their tent stakes and go roaming.  I can see the appeal to that, and I’ve been affected with the old wanderlust from time to time myself, but for the most part I’m very hobbit-like and prefer the comforts of my own home.  Honestly if it weren’t for the added benefits of getting to see our friends and family members each of these weekends, I’d be much more reticent when it comes to packing up and sitting in a car for hours, spending money on gas and tolls and watching my rear view mirror as my hair goes gray from stress.  So far, the cost/benefit analysis has come down so heavily on the benefit side that it’s not even an issue – but that doesn’t make it any less of a huge pain in the ass to travel constantly like this.

Dress the laptop in a tux and we're good to go.

Just e-mail me a few drinks.

I can’t imagine having to travel for work.  The whole idea is abhorrent to me as it just sounds completely exhausting, and it makes me incredibly grateful that I work from home.  This probably makes me even less willing to leave the comfort of my little cottage on the weekends (at least while the hot water heater is working anyway), but it’s not something I can avoid.  I don’t think the fiancée would appreciate if I try to Skype in to our wedding in my bathrobe and unshaven.

It’s tempting, though.


2 thoughts on “The calm before the storm.

  1. I don’t know Dave, if you tried to marry Pam over the Net, you’d have to click through the Terms of Service, all those “Are you sure?” boxes, and what if you get spyware? Do you really want to have to close thirty pop-ups before you see Pam in her wedding dress, which will be obscured by ad bars, and then you get spam mailings and robocalls for the next eight months while you sort it all out? Do you really want your wedding feed to get hacked and have someone replace ‘Here Comes the Bride’ with a rickroll or worse, dubstep?

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