Why you should always check your Twitter feed.

This is the story of how I missed out on an important Tweet.

Yeah, I know, the whole idea of “important Tweet” sounds about as likely as the phrases  military intelligence or honest politician, but nevertheless it’s true.

I fail at social media.

I need this on a shirt.

I’m not a huge one for social media. Yes, I’m basically a shut-in considering I’m both poor and I work from home; I’ve got a Facebook page and a Twitter account to keep in contact with people, but I barely use Twitter for anything besides a scheduled  cross-post for when the latest blog article goes live and I spend more time lurking Facebook looking for pictures of ex-girlfriends than I do actually writing status updates.  However, last night my fiancée decided to load up the Twitter app on our iPod Touch while we were watching the second presidential debate so we could read the snarky comments as they rolled in (which, by the way, were more entertaining than the majority of the debates).

"Khan Noonien Singh" doesn't fit on the name tag.

Call me Ishmael.

It had been literally weeks since I’d last checked my Twitter feed, considering it’s mostly dick jokes from Warren Ellis or Patton Oswalt.  Not that I don’t like a good dick joke – I mean, who doesn’t, really? – it’s just that I’ve got literally 28 Twitter followers and I’m not going to be That Guy that inundates everyone with 140-character descriptions of how I just overpaid for a venti half-caf soy latte with non-dairy whipped cream and non-GMO, organic, locally sourced cinnamon for the 13th time today.   Despite the fact that I was absolutely 100% certain that there was nothing necessarily new that I had to attend to in my little Twitterverse, as I’ll usually get an email notification on the odd occasion that I get a new follower or a retweet, I decided to glance at my feed and noticed that someone had mentioned me in my little notification pane.

“Well, that’s new,” I thought, figuring it was some automated spam Tweet from a botnet based out of the Russian Federation or something.  I went to investigate and, lo and behold, it was a legitimate Tweet.  Actually, it was incredibly legitimate:

I nearly shat myself. Reggie Lee, Sergeant Wu himself, totally shouted me out for giving him a much-deserved good review in a blog post I wrote on August 5th.  Somehow he was tipped off about it and he liked it so much that he felt moved to thank me.  I was filled with all kinds of pride.  Then I saw that he originally sent that Tweet more than a week ago.  It dawned on me that I totally douchebagged Reggie Lee by literally leaving the Tweet unread for over a week.  I felt like the world’s biggest toolbox and totally undeserving of the bro-tier shout-out that I was given.


So this is me, suitably contrite, and vowing to never let my Twitter feed go unchecked for more than 24 hours.  Let this be a lesson to you, folks: don’t be a dick.  Check your Twitter feed every once and a while lest you leave the Reggie Lees of the world hanging.


2 thoughts on “Why you should always check your Twitter feed.

  1. I never check twitter, but then again, I don’t have the following or way with words so this won’t happen to me, lol! I have to follow you on twitter now and post random tweets to make sure you stay true to your word….

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