I don’t get it.

Does anybody know if Google changed its search algorithm recently?  I’m only asking because my hit counter blew up yesterday – to the point where I had 222 hits, about 100 more than I’ve been averaging over the past few weeks – and I know it ain’t because suddenly I’m popular.

It's not even clever.

The culprit.

Now I know what you’re going to say: “Oh don’t sell yourself short, I’m sure you’ve earned all that popularity.”  Well, as much as I’d love to take credit for the sudden jump, I simply can’t, as my little WordPress Dashboard says that 140 of those 222 views came from a blog post that I didn’t technically write; in fact I had simply re-blogged a piece that someone else had written concerning the whole Chick-fil-A bullshit back in August because it pretty much coincided with my own feelings.  The only thing I’d added to the post was a short introduction and a picture of the Chick-fil-A cow holding up a placard that said “EAT MOR COK.”  Because, you know, I’m a classy motherfucker.

Apparently this stupid picture is driving page views.  It’s ranked relatively high on Google Image Search, but it’s been there for months and it’s never trended so heavily – or even at all – which makes me think that either people are suddenly really into eating cock or Google changed its search algorithm again.

Hit it and quit it?

Nightmare fuel.

Let’s get something straight: there’s nothing wrong with fellatio.  I am pretty much a card-carrying member of the “I Brake For BJs” fan club, and not just because it’s incredibly difficult to drive when you’re on the receiving end.  Hell, even bad head can be better than good sex a lot of the time, and unless you’re some sort of eldritch cephalopod with kraken teeth and a Fran Drescher accent, I’m not going to turn down a happy ending.

But do I really want 200-plus views every day from a throwaway dick joke image that I almost mindlessly posted as an accent on a re-blogged post that I didn’t even write?  Doesn’t it seem a little disingenuous to be sitting here bragging about how awesome my blog is when the lion’s share of my traffic comes form a cartoon cow exhorting you to work on suppressing your gag reflex, or should I just lie back and enjoy it?


11 thoughts on “I don’t get it.

  1. Dave, think of your blog as a store or restaurant. And as the cow picture an effective advertisement. People will come for the cok, and stay for the wit. No shame in that. In fact a lot of bloggers count on stuff like that. They pick topics that are buzzing and regurge them to generate traffic.

    So long as you add to the discussion rather than just copy paste all the time. There is nothing to be ashamed of imho. I say let them eat cok. Get those hits in however you can without being dishonest.

    Its no different from the fact that my splish splash video gets ten times the traffic my political ones on you tube just because of the tags. And frankly, that’s fine. 🙂

      • Yes Dave embrace the cok. Then embed it deep into your silky wet blog. Embed it as deep and often as you can possible manage and I promise you will have a load of hits on yer face… er hands… er… I need a cold shower now.

        Ps yer welcome that was probably to most heinous thing ill post anywhere all day.

  2. Why I’m a 10 year old boy: I finished reading your blog & came to the bottom where the advertising video is posted & the freeze frame says “Silk. A Taste For Everyone.”

    ….yeah, I can’t stop laughing…

    Kinda thought that was fitting for your blog today.

  3. I actually started generating more views on mine because i started tagging my posts a few months ago. I have no problem with people coming to my page because of google image search, it happens all the time. Who knows, maybe one or two of them actually read my posts and enjoyed it. That’s what I really hope for.

    On the other hand, though, I completely get where you’re coming from. It feels….cheap….like I’m not getting recognition for the time and effort put into the post, but instead getting recognition for a stupid meme image I ganked off the internet. My best day was 76 hits, and that had a lot to do with people searching and such.

    • I just talked to a client of mine and Google definitely did tweak some search algorithms, in particular their image search. So it’s not me, it’s my cok.

      I’ll just have to balance my disappointment at being nothing but a meme regurgitation device and the FAT BANK I’ll make from ad revenue. Last month I earned another $1.44!!

  4. Ride the wave my friend.

    And totally unrelated, the advid at the bottom of this post is one of the weirder ones I’ve seen.

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