Fair Use isn’t copyright infringement, right?

I’m in the final throes of that short story for Twit Publishing – just getting a few wee hours of sleep in between cycles.  In the meantime, I come to you, my friends and colleagues, to see if anyone knows an artist (or is willing to give it the old Community College Try) to combine the aesthetics of this:

Samus Aran Meets Steampunk

Delicious steam-powered Varia Suit.


With the form and functionality of this:

Get away from her, you bitch!


I’m willing to pay in gratitude or even sexual favors.


Dogs at work.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m officially in Crunch Time until the end of the week, what with several miscellaneous deadlines looming.  In lieu of a real blog post today, I simply leave you with what has to be my favorite image ever:

Stranger than fiction.

Everyone’s heard the phrase “the truth is stranger than fiction,” but until you experience an instance of it yourself you kind of lack perspective on the whole thing.

I like maple syrup.  Does that count?

I know nothing about ragtime. Or maple leaves.

I had my experience yesterday, and it started off completely innocuous and ballooned from there.  I’ve been working steadily on my second short story for my editor over the past few days(don’t worry, Craig, it’ll be sitting in your inbox by Friday), and without revealing anything or spoiling the plot for anyone, I’m introducing another character that hasn’t appeared in any previous New Herculaneum stories yet.  He’s a musician, and as I’m imbuing the series with  retro-dieselpunk elements, I decided to specify music that was popular during the early 20th century.

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