Put up or shut up.

Look, I don’t really care about your political affiliations.  Seriously, don’t even fucking talk to me about your political bent.  It’s been a long election season and if I hear one more talking point, sound bite, or sarcastic pundit remark I may actually shit myself in frustration and rage.

What I do care about is – if you’re an American citizen – that you get off your couch and vote.  Just keep it to yourself afterwards for once, will you?

Go Fucking Vote.


3 thoughts on “Put up or shut up.

  1. Dont worry, the American election process is considered one of the worst and most corruptable in the world. So, when you vote, understand that while they can’t completely make up the results, its basically the same as “who’s line is it anyway?”

    The whole things made up and the votes don’t matter. But do vote anyway, not voting only makes it easier for them to falsify the results.

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