The moral of this story is…

…never buy a used car without checking to make sure it has a tire iron. ¬†Otherwise you end up on the side of the road in Queens waiting for the AAA guy to show up.

You have no idea how big a chump you feel like when you’re sitting there, perfectly capable of changing your own damn tire, but completely unable to do so. ¬†Not because you don’t have a jack, or even a spare; no, you simply trusted in the beneficence of your uncle to not sell you a car lacking an integral piece of hardware.

Me and Uncle John are going to have words tomorrow.


Okay, just hand me the – wait, what did you say?


One thought on “The moral of this story is…

  1. That commercial was Badass. Anyway, i take it from the pretext that your cars tire took a shit and you didn’t have so much as a box of tissues with which to clean it up?

    Fucking sucks. Hope everyone is ok.

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