It’s a pre-Thanksgiving miracle!

Who macramés an easy chair?

I said the couch, not the chair!

This marks the first weekend in a damn month where I haven’t been tear-assing around all creation.  Well, I’m not going anywhere; in fact, I’m going to sit here and learn how to macramé my ass to the couch and watch 100 or so back episodes of Supernatural on Netflix.  Besides, a certain publisher who will remain nameless just sprung on me (at the last minute, I might add) that I’ve got less than two weeks to get him not one but two short stories and that he’d like a novel or novella in 6 months.

I swear, some people, huh?


4 thoughts on “It’s a pre-Thanksgiving miracle!

  1. Sounds like a damned fine weekend to me. I’m trying to enjoy one cup of coffee before my day starts and we’re off and running right through until Monday morning.

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