I love my pregnant wife.

Even when we end up spending 7 hours in the ER to treat her acute morning sickness by pumping her full of IV fluids and anti-nausea medication.

On a related note, the chairs in the Lehigh Valley Hospital’s Emergency Department are quite comfortable if you’re looking to take a nap.

This kid better grow up to be a Nobel laureate.

Technicolor Yawn Panda



4 thoughts on “I love my pregnant wife.

  1. Damn, I have heard of bad Morning sickness, but ER visit bad? Damn dude, give her a hug from the Crazybecks Clan and tell her to make sure she injest lots of H2O to lubricate her baby factory!

    • She went through TWO giant IV bags last night in the course of a couple hours. She can’t get any more lubricated than that without some baby oil, and that’s how we got INTO this mess in the first pl- I mean the miracle of life is so amazing.

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