Because winter isn’t miserable enough.

It looks like I’ve fallen victim to the dreaded Winter Cold.  Because when it’s cold, damp, and miserable outside, you want your insides to match, right?

Getting some apparently much-needed rest today.  Tune in tomorrow for some proper content!

Sick Day!


2 thoughts on “Because winter isn’t miserable enough.

  1. You know it’s wrong of me, but sometimes, just sometimes, I actually like the way feeling a little sick feels. Now hear me out. I don’t mean barfing up gallons of guts… I don’t mean a wracking cough or Pounding headache.

    But a few feverish chills causing me to snuggle down deep in a bed drowning in comforters and blankies, and a gallon of NyQuil knocking me right the fuck out leading to bizarre dreams. I then follow this with a day snuggled under said blankies with a good book or low impact video game sipping tea and comfort foods that feed the cold.

    Basically, a GOOD cold gives you an excuse to do drugs and sleep and read a good book and eat junk.

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