I forgot to tell anyone I was taking the weekend off, didn’t I?

Sorry guys – I did indeed take the weekend off from blogging.  Not that I usually post anything of merit over the weekend short of stupid YouTube videos or pictures of cats wearing sunglasses, but I usually do keep you folks in the loop.

As for what the wife and I did this weekend, we went out to South Jersey for the unofficial “housewarming” for a pair of friends that recently moved into their new home, a beautiful three-bedroom house with a lovely yard and a very nice hot tub.  We’ve also set up plans to visit regularly in order to start up a tabletop RPG campaign – we’ll be playing Scion, the World of Darkness setting that doesn’t involve being a mopey wrist-cutting emo kid listening to Bauhaus and dressing like an anorexic Glenn Danzig.

Did I telegraph my disdain for Vampire: the Masquerade players enough just there?  I hope so.

On an unrelated note, it will be nice to have some role play action for a few months, as Legacy starts up again this year exactly one month before our daughter is due and I’m not about to abandon my wife for a weekend that close to her due date – especially since Faire Play is 3 hours from home.  South Jersey, in comparison, is only one and a half hours away, and not in the middle of the wilds of Pennsyltucky

My bad!

Not really. Well maybe a little.


3 thoughts on “I forgot to tell anyone I was taking the weekend off, didn’t I?

  1. Man, i need a good Tabletop gang here on long island, whenever I try to set one up, womp womp… Long islanders are too busy.

    Or maybe I’m too much of a putz and people avoid me. Or maybe I just suck at running games and should try to get into someone else’s game (which would be fine depending on who and what).

    I used to play Vampire (darkages, not masquerade), which had some good memories, yes, we’d listen to Bauhaus and type o Negative, Smoke cloves and sip wine with the normal lights turned off and the candle light glinted off our black nailpolish.

    Of course we did that back when it was cool… Derick IRRC was a fan of that game too.

    When it comes to a good RPG I have found that less is more, the more complex the rule system, and the more class based it is (I’m looking at you D&D), the less I and my pals enjoy it.

    I used to think a good RPG was one part table top strategy wargame, and one part choose your own adventure.

    I realized that most people would prefer guided, cooperative fiction with an element of unpredictability and risk. They didn’t want to be bogged down looking up rules an graphs and tables just to see if a arrow hit a goblin in the left tit, versus the right tit.

    Instead, players really just wanted to be able to act out their fantasies based in whatever setting you gave them.

    It’s one reason I learned to adore the system from Little Fears, it’s simple (ok a tiny bit too simple, I will be converting it to a percentile system eventually), it’s fun and it’s novel.

    Instead of some sword swinging barbarian or spell slinging elf, or power armor wearing space marine, your a kid between the ages of 6-16 fighting against the forces of Closet land, facing childhood nightmares come to life.

    Basically, the coolest parts of IT, Stand By Me, Monster squad (minus the cornballs), and the goonies.

    If your interested, I’ll send you a PDF in your email or something. Might be a fun breath of fresh air for your group.

    • Actually that sounds like a lot of fun. Send me a link or a PDF or something, I’d love to read more about it!

      I’m pretty disillusioned with how D&D has metamorphosed over the year. I don’t know if you’ve kept up with its many iterations but 4.0 was pretty abysmal. In fact they’re already working on a new version as well. I’ve seen a little bit of it and it seems like they keep taking more and more complexity out – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing; sometimes pen-and-paper RPG systems can be overly complex to the point where you’re rolling percentile dice to see which testicle just got shot off. Still, I like at least a little bit of crunch with all of my fluff.

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