Because I like pointing out obvious shit.

It’s been way too heavy around here lately.  Now while I’m not discounting the importance of current events in any way shape or form, there’s little I can do about it from my corner of the internet besides tell everyone to keep calm and use your heads, so I’ve decided to lighten things up here with a little good old-fashioned bread and circuses video game blog post.

Imagine for a minute that I’m describing this plot and setting to you: a young teenage orphan boy living in the desert ends up embroiled in a scheme where he’s soon pursued by the faceless masked soldiers of an evil empire.  He’s accompanied by his mentor, an older warrior that everyone assumed was dead, and along the way he ends up working with a smooth-talking smuggler and his tall, furry, inhuman companion with their own ship.  The rag-tag group of heroes ends up rescuing a princess and fighting against the empire.

I have of course just described the basic plot for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.  However I’ve also just described the plot to Final Fantasy XII.

The details of both FFXII and Star Wars are of course vastly different when you get down to the nitty-gritty, but if you’ve played the game and seen the movie I’d challenge you to disagree that the basic plot for both is identical.  Now I’m not accusing Square-Enix of ripping off George Lucas (who ripped off Akira Kurosawa); I’m just pointing out that there really aren’t all that many stories out there to tell, whether they be presented on a movie screen or a LCD television – or the pages of a book if you’re old-school.  Just a little something to think about while you go about your day today, dodging roving packs of jackbooted Thought Police.

I'd grawrrrr her brarrglrh, if you know what I mean.

Damn, Chewbacca is looking sexy.


4 thoughts on “Because I like pointing out obvious shit.

  1. Technically Dave, When Lucas stole it from Kurasawa, the Hidden Fortress was proclaimed to be a ripoff of Lucas, and all copies of it were to be seized and burned and the orriginal makers of the film forced to pay Lucas millions in royalties for the decades the film had been in circulation

    Also did you know Lucas IM Screenname is LUCRITAS… Get it? LOL I kill me… And in Other News… I hate New York.

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