The baby with the bathwater.

Things are getting weird around here.

Not here in my little corner of southeastern Pennsylvania, thank goodness – that’s just fine.  The wife is incubating our little parasite quite nicely, our bills are paid, and we’re putting a few bucks away to afford the unending cascade of incredibly expensive baby crap that we’ll have to buy once our daughter shows up in May.  On top of that we’re actually enjoying ourselves, as our first Scion tabletop event is taking place this Saturday at our friends’ house in South Jersey, so there’s little to complain about in our personal lives right now; it’s truly a great time to be alive.

On the other hand, the shit seems to be hitting the fan pretty hardcore on a regional and national level.  The state legislature of my ancestral home of New York seems to have lost their god damned minds by instituting a terribly Draconian gun control law.  Since I’m sure we’ll be moving back to NY a few months after our child is born (probably upstate – I love all you Long Island folks but there ain’t no way we can afford a home down there), and this means that this law will affect me directly because I do indeed own a firearm.

Right by the yambag.

Fucking Citizens United!

That being said, I’m not a member of the NRA and they certainly don’t speak for me, especially in light of how they’ve actively worked to hamstring the ATF when it comes to preventing illegal gun sales.  It’s this illegal gun trafficking that is a major contributor to gun-related violence in the US – much more so than the scapegoat of violent media that’s trotted out by gun control groups and NRA members alike – and with Senators and Representatives bought and paid for by the NRA and related gun lobbyist groups have worked overtime to not just limit any overreaching on the ATF’s part but also strip it of any possible power to actually keep firearms out of the hands of those who could pose a risk to the safety of themselves and others, such as people suffering from mental illness.

In essence the NRA has thrown the baby out with the bathwater by stripping the ATF of any sort of authority whatsoever. However they haven’t just brought this backlash upon themselves: the consequences of their selfish actions will now have an impact on law-abiding and responsible owners of firearms – people like myself  – that keep their weapon secured and inoperable at all times whenever not in use and who treat the weapon with the utmost care and caution when actually using it, and this is why I will never count myself as either a supporter of the organization or consider enrolling in membership.

Stupid. So stupid.

I just… what?

That being said, the NRA isn’t the only organization that’s completely out of their minds.  The new NY State firearms ban is overreaching as well because it will require anyone who currently owns a firearm that falls under its definition of an “assault weapon” to not only have the weapon registered but dispose themselves of it or face criminal prosecution after the 12-month grace period.  The problem I have with this clause is that it’s not going to actually make a difference when it comes to reducing gun-related violence in New York, as the only people who will comply with the new requirement to first register and then sell or transfer their now-illegal weapon are those same people who would not dream of perpetrating any kind of gun violence in a million years – the same responsible, law-abiding firearms owners that the NRA has screwed over.  Anyone who procured their firearm through illegal means (something which has been made easier thanks to the NRA’s castration of the ATF) isn’t going to be bothered with the new law, and compliance among gun owners suffering from mental illness is unlikely to be high as well – so I am perplexed as to how reducing the number of firearms owned by peaceful, responsible gun owners will stop criminally-minded or the mentally ill from perpetrating horrible tragedies such as the Newtown shooting.


3 thoughts on “The baby with the bathwater.

  1. O boy – My turn – Let me preface with this – This will be a RETARDEDLY long reply. As in, Offensively long. For those who don’t want to read something that long. PLEASE forgive me and skip down. But for those who want some counterpoint to this Blog, Keep reading.

    Dave I love you, your family is awesome, your baby is going to have an AWESOME Dad, an honest caring man with a heart the size of Texas. I know your pro 2nd amendment at least in the broadest sense. Your not a slimebag gun gragber. But you made a few errors here, let me attempt to correct the errors, and then add some more to the story for you.

    1: The New law doesn’t require you to turn in your “Assault weapon” unless you do not wish to register it. You can keep the one you already own, so long as you register. While this sounds reasonable to the uninformed, registration is ALWAYS the first step before Confiscation. It’s a form of Incrementalism that gets people sedated enough to accept a new limitation, because it’s not an all the way restriction. In a few years, expect the laws to change again, and many of the guns currently allowed will be declared contraband and all registered arms of that type will be collected.

    The New Law states that any semi automatic firearm that takes a Detachable Magazine and meets ONE (PURELY COSMETIC) criteria of being a military (style) firearm, are to be registered OR turned in/sold to a local FFL or out of state FFL.

    2: NRA – You said a LOT of things about the NRA, and a lot of it is true, the NRA is a co-opted Lobby group that represents the Gun manufacturers more than the Gun owners, and only rally’s to the aid of the Gun owner if it’s in the interest of the manufacturers. The NRA still does good things. However the REAL version of NRA is the GOA, or Gun Owners of America which is Directed by that Genius and patriot Larry Pratt, the same Pratt that has spanked Piers Morgan TWICE now on television.

    3: The BATFE – The BATFE is one of the most corrupt, liberty despising organizations that has EVER been created. To fully educate you on the depth and breadth of how badly they have misled you about their practices would take several volumes. Some of the things you stated the NRA has done, is actually the opposite, the BATFE is the ones guilty of the Gun trade. Not because the NRA stopped them from preventing it, but because they actually have been caught SHIPPING THE GUNS TO MEXICO WITH THE STATED INTENTION OF BLAMING IT ON AMERICAN GUN DEALERS AND GUN OWNERS! This completely backfired and was the source of a lot of controversy in the last year or so which led to the president using Executive privilege to seal certain records that (probably) implicated HIM as being part of this scandal. Now of course you have to dig deep to get all the facts, Fortune magazine or whatever did a spin job on the whole story to paint it to look like the facts were twisted to BLAME the ATF when in fact they are innocent of everything.

    As a Libertarian, I believe the BATFE is one of the most barbaric and unconstitutional alphabet organizations because it’s entire mandate is to limit the liberty of otherwise innocent people.

    My hero the Good Doctor Ron Paul had this to say about this scandal and the ATF in general:

    “The ATF has a long history of abusing our Second Amendment rights, so I was glad to see Congressman Issa demanding answers on the Project “Gunwalker” scandal.

    “My hope is that the recent hearing will further expose the ATF’s and Attorney General Eric Holder’s assaults on law-abiding gun owners, and more people will start questioning the need for unconstitutional agencies like the ATF that exist solely to infringe on American citizens’ God-given right to keep and bear arms.”

    He is also on record that he would defund the BATFE if it was up to him. Doesn’t sound like the good doctor has any faith in them…

    We cannot blame his opinion on NRA lobbying either. Ron Paul has a history of bashing on the NRA and being ousted by them at every turn with regard to supporting him as a potential 2nd amendment candidate.

    They (BATFE) are CONSTANTLY being caught running the guns and the drugs and the explosives and everything else… If you look for ATF controversies, or do a search on Gunwalking, or Drug smuggling stings you will see that the BATFE has a history of being part of the problem.

    You can’t blame the Corrupt NRA for those things.

    It was the BATFE fuck ups that led to the Waco Massacre, over a great deal of bullshit that was never proven to be true, and was handled BADLY even with regards to what was eventually “proven.”

    NRA had nothing to do with that either. Of course they have very little to do with the protection of my 2nd amendment rights either.

    Do not blame the NRA for the failings of the BATFE, blame the NRA for something real, like being a huge corporatist lobby that works for the gun makers not the gun owners.

    The bottom line is, BOTH the NRA and BATFE are garbage and part of the problem.

    Neither one does anything other than make a bad situation worse, and while we do of COURSE need to enforce the laws we have on the books, the BATFE has plenty of funding for it’s stings and controversial programs, but somehow can’t divert a few bucks to pay a few guys to do more frequent checks on gun stores? And that’s the NRA’s fault?


    #4: “and with Senators and Representatives bought and paid for by the NRA and related gun lobbyist groups have worked overtime to not just limit any overreaching on the ATF’s part but also strip it of any possible power to actually keep firearms out of the hands of those who could pose a risk to the safety of themselves and others, such as people suffering from mental illness.”

    I gotta pick this apart a little bit because while your correct, the problem is one of mental illness, not guns… We have to be careful how we word our solution.

    How do you propose we keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill? The only way you could accomplish this would be to require mandatory psych evaluation for any prospective gun buyer.

    That alone would be bad enough, but lets assume you did accomplish a sensible way to do that.

    When we consider the sheer magnitude of the number of Medical (including Psychiatric) malpractice cases that occur every year, it is FACT that a great deal many people would be robbed of their 2nd amendment based on the error of one individual.

    This isn’t speculation, it has already started happening to people in places like Tennessee where they have a law that prevents anyone who has been diagnosed with mental illness from owning firearms… (not just minor illness like anxiety obviously). A mane named David Sarti (famous guest on Doomsday prepper) was deprived of all his guns (after being on the show) because he remarked to the doctor that sometimes the pain he felt from his illnesses, made him want to die. The doctor told him that he must check himself in for suicide watch, he refused telling him it was a figure of speech and that he doesn’t believe in suicide… The doctor threatened to have the police take him, so David Sarti fled to his home where the sheriff arrested him and confiscated all his firearms. He was taken to the county mental ward where they put him on a week long suicide watch, and to this day (over a year later) he still cannot get his guns back…

    This isolated sounding indecent would be common place under any kind of system where Gun owners have to prove themselves mentally stable.

    Remember, we are all innocent until proven guilty, and while I endorse the concept of Background checks… At least in the current state of the world… We have to temper our desire to FIX this problem, with the understanding that shit happens, and historically, the worst solution is always limiting freedom. The Best is always empowering people to protect themselves or take responsibility for themselves.

    One last little tidbit, part of at least one thing that the Government is pushing for is to add as part of the background check, that people not be on the No fly list.

    While that sounds reasonable as well, the No fly list is notoriously flawed, with small kids being denied passage on Aircraft regularly… And includes people who are only on the list for their political affiliations. As well as U.S. Sen. Edward M. “Ted” Kennedy who was stopped and questioned at airports on the East Coast five times in March 2004 because his name appeared on the government’s secret “no-fly” list.

    Anyway Dave, trust me, I’m not brow beating you. I know your a supporter of my rights. I know your not a gun grabbing idiot. I know your trying to help – So please accept this treatise as my effort to make sure that when you step into this arena your armed with facts and some counterpoints to the opinion you expressed.

    You may not change your opinion of course, but like they say, you can lead a horse to water…

    • Jesus Christ, you weren’t kidding. I think your reply is longer than my post!

      Still, thank you for pointing out all that you did. I must have misinterpreted the NY gun control law – I thought there was no grandfathering in of any firearms that fit the new streamlined “assault weapon” definition. I thought it was register AND confiscate, not one or the other. Either way, it’s still egregiously overreaching.

      Other than that, the ATF is indeed in a shambles. Did you know it takes them something like eight years in between “yearly” gun store audits because they’re so understaffed and underfunded? Lord knows why the ATF thought it was a good idea to try that “Fast and Furious” operation when they can’t even get down to that gun store that’s across the street from the Taco Bell in Huntington Station just slightly more than once a decade?

      I can’t tell you if the ATF is useless because of the NRA/gun manufacturer lobby’s castration of it through Congress or if it’s an endemic mismanagement problem right from the beginning, but I can tell you that it’s got roughly the same number of agents today that it had back in the 1970s – around 2,500 – which again makes me wonder how the fuck they thought they could accomplish anything.

      • Lol, if you ask me, they are acvomplishing everythimg they are supposed to… Namely undermining our liberty.

        But well save that discussion for a saner time. Your 10.22 is safe from the ban so long as you use ten round mags or less and you didn’t mod it with a pistol grip or some other cosmetic feature that scares liberals.

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