A disturbance in the Force.

The smoke has cleared and it looks like the new Star Wars movie slated for 2015 finally has a director – and it turns out that it’s going to be J.J. Abrams after all.

I know, I know – “bullshit,” you’re saying.  “That was just a rumor and Abrams put it to bed back in November.”  Well it’s true he said a few months ago that he wasn’t going to take the job, but something’s changed because now not one, not two, but three different outlets for entertainment news media are all over the story like stink on a tauntaun.

And besides, it’s got to be true.  You read it on the internet didn’t you?

So let the fanwanking and/or backbiting commence, everyone!  What do you think?  Will Abrams “ruin” Star Wars the same way he did with the Star Trek reboot?  Will there finally be a decisive victory in the internecine war between Trekkies and Star Wars fans?  Will Bill Shatner and Carrie Fisher finally just get a room?   I guess we’ll have to wait until 2015 to find out.  See you Monday when the dust settles!

Let’s be honest, a J.J. Abrams Star Wars can’t be any worse than Phantom Menace, right?

Orange and blue.  God it's everywhere.

J.J. Abrams, King of the Nerds.


4 thoughts on “A disturbance in the Force.

  1. Wait, I liked the Trek Reboot, it doesn’t replace anything, and it certainly didn’t boldly go anywhere, but it was… what it was… Nothing beats 60’s kirk tho. That man was so badass, he used Chuck Norris clones as photon torpedoes. I know a lot of folks have a nerd boner for Picard, and Picard was awesome, but all else being equal, Kirk would have spanked him as soon as Kirks signature music started and his shirt got ripped, Kirk would sacrifice a bunch of redshirts into the warp core like those aliens in Star Control, and, Boom, over! Picard would lose.

    As for Abrams getting his creative dick wet in Star Wars intellectual poontang, I agree, it couldn’t be any worse than phantom menace….

    I like what Lucas did in showing the Jedi before the empire took over, I liked the updated special effects and saber/force abilities they had… But everything else… Well, Jar Jar sums it up…

    The other two pretty much left me yawning, about the only thing the others had going for them was Padme in that white Unitard, and that scene where Mace Windu takes on Palpatine…

    By comparison, I thought the Star Trek Reboot was infinitely more entertaining than any of the Star Wars prequels… OF course, I always was more of a Star Trek Fan to begin with.

    Don’t get me wrong, though – if I could choose between star wars and Star Trek, I would be a Jedi Knight, complete with Light Saber (of course) over being just about anything or anyone in the Star Trek Universe… I just prefer to watch Star Trek. 🙂

    • Choosing one over the other is really impossible. I’m a fan of both, but I think I might lean slightly towards the Star Trek camp myself overall. While it wasn’t a perfect movie (wtf is with all this goddamn lens flare? Why is a Korean actor playing a Japanese character?) I did enjoy the reboot quite a bit, and looking forward to hearing more about this new one.

      It’ll be interesting to see when Star Wars 7 will take place in the timeline, as that’s going to determine if they bring in new actors to play old roles or if they can grease up Carrie Fisher and pour her back into the Slave Leia costume or not.

  2. I’m on the opposite side of the fence from Dan on this, in that I am WAY more of a SW fan than a ST fan. I actually didn’t care for the original series much at all, TBH, but enjoyed the movies and TNG.

    That being said, I can also say that I wasn’t crazy about the new Abrams ST movie. I dunno, it just seems like it didn’t have that spark, that magic. I’d rather watch the worst ST Kirk movie than the newer one. Cat disagrees, and loved it, but I didn’t.

    Now considering all that, I’d rather watch the Abrams ST movie 3 times in a row, than watch any of the awful SW prequels. They were just fucking clown shoes. The acting was pretty horrendous, the “love story” was worse than a love story between Hitler and Mengele, and the only cool parts were the ones Dan mentioned.

    We actually watched the prequel trilogy a year or two ago with Rifftrax, and even then it was still painful. I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like to watch them without the jokes being thrown at them.

    As far as having JJ direct the new one, I agree that he can’t exactly do worse than Lucas already has. I just hope he doesn’t do any of his signature shit here. No fucking wormholes, time travel, alternate universes, or overly complicated unexplainable story disasters drenched in pointless allegory…..

    • I would totally watch a romantic comedy starring Hitler and Mengele. It would be called, “Oh, Juden!” and it would be a huge hit.

      I don’t think Abrams will do any crazy pseudosicientific shit with the SW reboot. I mean let’s be honest all that reversing warp polarities and shit belongs in the more “science-y” Star Wars universe anyway. No, what we’ll probably get is a Millennium Falcon with lots of bloom and lens flare.

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