This is why I hate modern news media.

I’ve gone on and on about how modern mainstream news media is more or less a chunk of rancid shit, but here’s just one more example for you in case you haven’t heard it enough from me yet.

Yesterday I woke up and, considering that I was out of town on Sunday, decided to catch up on the news.  Now considering how I’d rather stick a fork in my eye than use CNN as a source for anything, I checked the BBC News app on my phone, only to discover that there was a god damned climate change rally in DC over the weekend that I didn’t know about.

Now I’m not going to go into the intricacies of the whole climate change thing except to say that the rally was to protest the new Mega Super Fuck You Sized Alaskan Oil Pipeline that may end up going in soon. Proponents of the pipeline say that it could help gain energy independence for the US in a big way by scaling back the amount of oil we import by a significant amount, and you can’t argue that’s not a great geopolitical goal, what with the instability in the Middle East. However, more oil production means more carbon emissions, more pollution, and eventually a quicker road towards climate change, so we could actually be fucking ourselves in opening this new pipeline if we go through with it.

This seems like a pretty important issue, doesn’t it?  Well, I thought so; I was quite surprised that I’d seen nothing about it all day Sunday anywhere.  In fact I even went to CNN, only to find that the top news story they were billing was the death of Mindy McCready, some country singer I’d never heard of.  Apparently, the suicide of one woman is more newsworthy than anywhere from 35,000 to 50,000 people camping out on the National Mall and calling for a halt to the new pipeline.  In fact, I found no trace of the climate change rally at all on the front page; I had to resort to news agencies like RT, BBC, and Reuters to find out more.

Now, I’m not trying to diminish the impact of Mindy McCready’s tragic suicide, but in the grand scheme of things it’s completely fucking irrelevant.  The thought that CNN editors thought to promote that particular bit of non-news reeks of sensationalism and a willful disregard of real issues that actually matter. McCready’s death (an apparent suicide) is a personal tragedy that should be dealt with by close friends and family members; I don’t give a fuck what happened to this woman besides my initial “well that’s sad” reaction.

Where the fuck is CNN when your next-door neighbor or the kid you knew from high school dies tragically?  I’ll tell you where – nowhere near it, as it doesn’t them as much ad revenue as something more sensational. Are you telling me that McCready is more important than John Doe because she’s famous and he’s not?  Are 35,000 to 50,000 everyday Americans all raising their voice in protest being drowned out by the sound of one singer that can no longer sing?

There’s something seriously fucking wrong here when I have to go to a fucking foreign news agency to find out news about my own god damned country.   Even now as I’m writing this, I had to use the search bar to find any coverage on the rally:


I’m positively engorged with rage right now.

Yes, that screenshot does indeed showcase my incredulity by pointing out that, despite the fact that real news is happening both at home and around the globe right this very minute, the most popular stories on CNN right now are a fluff article on retirement dreams and the fact that Burger King’s Twitter page was hacked.

If I grind my teeth any harder my jaw is going to crack.


2 thoughts on “This is why I hate modern news media.

  1. Me personally, I’m not convinced climate change is anything more than just another excuse to tax people and promote Agenda 21 to give the state power over more and more of everything.

    At least I should say – MANMADE Climate change. The Climate changes all the time. The part I find to be suspect is the way the big boys claim it’s all our fault and set up Carbon Tax Ponzi Schemes where they get rich and go ahead and do jack shit to make a real difference. (Al Manbearpig Gore I’m looking at you, indirectly because your ugly. Did I mention some of my nuttier tin foil hat brethren believe he carries around a briefcase of blood? Just sayin).

    Now, make no mistake, I saw and Loved Avatar too, and because of that movie decided to love Aiwa much more than I ever did before. To the point where I picked up hunting again and decided to try and learn stuff my dad used to try to teach me.

    I am ALL for the idea of man living in harmony with nature and finding ways to not only be more responsible for our own habitat, but learn that we are NOT above nature.

    A LOT of animal lovers and greenies seem to think that mankind isn’t a part of nature, that we do not have a place on earth, that largely our role has been destructive and evil and yucky and wrong.

    I feel that this is misguided at best, and over-zealousness at worst. Anyway rather than right a whole diatribe on the subject I will end my response with this:

    Any time people rally and gather for any cause, even one the NWO endorses… the media’s job is to suppress it, Spin it, Co opt it, downplay it, or ignore it till it goes away.

    People cannot be allowed to see that they have power or be allowed to see that they are not alone in how strongly they feel about certain issues.

    Like in a bugs life, if one of us sees that some of us can stand up, next thing you know, we all stand up, and they are fucked.

    So rather than squash such movements with violence or direct opposition – they just ignore them and pretend they don’t exist.

    At least until they are long over – then when the leaders hit the campaign trail they can claim to “feel their pain.” or “Listened to America.”

    So… I feel your pain Dave those fuckbastards in the mainstream can suck my whole damn dick.

    PS – BBC? Dude… just turn off all the mainstream news, that shit will kill you. Listening to BBC instead of CNN is like switching to Marlboro light 100’s instead of Camel unfiltered… oooooohhh big dif… An inch of cotton between you and cancer…

    Nice. 🙂

    • I actually use the BBC for work, as one of my main clients lives in the UK and I need to pull headlines from a “reliable” source. I know that calling BBC news reliable is ironic, considering they’re a state-owned news organization, but there you have it.

      Reuters and RT are good sources as well. The trick is, of course, to find as many different news sources as possible in order to try to glean something of the actual truth out from under all the bread and circuses.

      On whether climate change is real I’m not really interested in debating. Air and land pollution are much more scary to me, considering I currently live in a state where petrochemical companies use hydraulic fracturing to harvest natural gas deposits. There’s a town not half an hour from the Legacy campsite up in Montrose where the people living there CAN LIGHT THEIR TAP WATER ON FIRE because the nearby fracking has poisoned the groundwater. A great documentary on this is called GasLand and you should definitely check it out:

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