Hey, Congress: you’re fired.

Let's face it: we're heading right up shit creek.

A nation in distress.

So the federal sequestration deadline has come and gone and bam: we’re under austerity measures here in the US.  All because these chumps in Congress couldn’t find their ass with both hands and a map.

I’m pretty pissed off about this, and it’s my own fault: I went ahead and looked up the actual breakdown of what gets cut and by how much, and it’s absolutely infuriating.  Not because of what’s been cut; that’s already been well-documented pretty much everywhere, as the sequester will lead to mandatory furloughs for many government employees, scaled-back availability to our national park system, less money spent on government contractors, and 70,000 less children being able to access the Head Start program.  Instead, I’m up in arms over what hasn’t been cut: Congress’ payroll has emerged from the sequester completely unscathed.

That’s right – there’s not one single red cent that has been cut from the salary budget for both the Senate and the House of Representatives.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look for yourself:

Something's missing here.

Not one cent cut.

There’s $24 million earmarked for compensation for members of the U.S. Senate, and not even a fraction of it is getting reduced by the sequester.  Think it’s just one house of Congress that’s ensuring that they’re still getting paid?  Think again: the House of Representatives covered their asses, too:

This is ridiculous.

Another big fat zero.

That’s right – another $103 million set aside for compensation for members of the U.S. House of Representatives.  Taken together, Congress is paying themselves a total of $127 million.  That’s $127,000,000.  And not one single god damned dollar is getting cut from their salaries.  This is outrageous and completely unconscionable; they’re essentially awarding themselves for a job well done by making sure their precious salaries remain intact, even though the country’s debt is so bad that nearly every other government agency and program is facing cuts of anywhere from 7% to 10%. It’s analogous to Wall Street executives walking away to multi-million dollar annual salary bonuses during the financial crisis, and it’s completely and totally out of line.  Is it any wonder that Congress refused to act in order to avoid the sequestration from going into effect this weekend, considering that they don’t suffer in the least from this absolute travesty of a budget?

It’s time to tell these assholes that this shit won’t fly.  The only message we can send to these politicians – the only one they actually understand, anyway – is to vote their asses right out of a job.  When it comes to the House of Representatives, it’s easy enough: there’s a whole 269 idiots that voted for the sequester, and here are their names.  On the Senate side, it’s even easier: the sequester passed with unanimous consent.  That’s right, not even one US Senator voted against the sequester.

These are the people that we trust to act in the best interests of their constituents, not their own.  They have failed us utterly and completely, and they need to pay the price: they need to understand that you can’t just line your own pockets and leave the rest of us out to dry.  These assholes need to be fired.

And don’t think for a minute that I’m letting the other two branches of government off the hook, either.  The executive branch – specifically the State Department – just promised some $450 million in aid to Egypt as a “reward” for supporting democracy.  Not for nothing but if we cut back our foreign aid budget a bit more, we might be able to afford the things we need for our own citizens.  That $450 million could have gone towards keeping the Head Start program in place, but now 70,000 kids across the country won’t have that program to look forward to – and that most likely will include my own daughter, considering the program is already wait listed as it is.

Meanwhile, he judicial branch has been working overtime to screw the average American citizen as well: the Supreme Court made a 5-4 decision in favor of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Amendments Act and its ability to undertake warrantless wiretapping on U.S. citizens, so if you hear a clicking on your phone line, don’t worry; it’s just the NSA violating your 4th Amendment rights.  Just another day at the office for the US Government.


7 thoughts on “Hey, Congress: you’re fired.

  1. The sequestration isn’t all that bad… but it is a symptom of a system that is pretty much doomed. The only solution IMHO is to stop trying to delay the inevitable… By delaying it, we ensure that when the collapse of our economy actually occurs, we won’t be ready for it.

    By delaying things, we are making sure that the common man is not financially prepared because they have been starved by a bad economy for decades instead of years or months.

    By delaying things when the collapse happens instead of owing a trillion or two we will owe 10 or more…

    We need to accept that the Federal reserve fractional banking system based on Fiat currency and Fascist government has predictably failed… Instead of finding ways to prop it up with a stick, we should be taking our lumps and reconstituting a stronger system.

    Look at Iceland, Iceland went through almost he same situation… But instead of rolling over and accepting austerity, they audited the banks and imprisoned those they could and fixed the system.

    You never hear about that in the news, because they don’t want us to do that.

    Which leads to my final assessment. This isn’t mere Greed guys, and this most certainly is not incompetence.

    It IS by design and the collapse of our economy is planned to come at the worst possible time to make sure that Americans have no perceptible choice other than total tyranny…

    Mark my words.

    • Iceland did a fantastic job, despite the fact that the UK totally tried to toss them under the bus.

      Then they go ahead and try to ban internet pornography. Two steps forward, one step back, guys.

  2. The whole thing sickens me. The worst part is, I don’t think voting them out will really make much of a difference. Either way, we’re gonna have people in those positions, and do you really think the majority of them will vote to take a pay cut for the American people? I highly doubt it.

    • It’s either try to find some honest politicians or we’ve got to all start making MREs and digging bomb shelters in our basements.

      I’d better get a shovel.

  3. Ahem… MRE’s are a bad choice…

    #1: Cost – they are the least cost effective way to store food.
    #2: Content – OMFG are they bad for you… They turn your guts to concrete (no fiber) and instead of being freeze dried and just preserved naturally… They are full of chemicals. Your better off eating MacDonalds 3 times a day.
    #3: There are other less “Tactical” choices for home food storage that last just about as long and cost a fraction as much and don’t make you sick. In fact some people replace a big portion of their normal food budget with them because they are healthy and tasty and cheap.


    This is a good company that I plan on buying from next time I get a decent chunk of money to throw at it… If you buy a year supply you end up with .87 cents a serving for the family packs, you can eat these and save big money on your food bill every month.

    Even the one week pack is cheap as hell with under 2$ a serving.

    Keep in mind you can also do your own food storage if you know how and save even more money, but from experience, trust me, it’s a whole new life skill, and requires more planning and sticktoitiveness than I care to exert right now.

    But you can buy mylar bags oxygen absorbers, and learn to store dry goods for 10+ years. Then can the rest.

    As for bomb shelters, on long island I think being able to stay mobile is more valuable and creating a network of like minded people you can work with for mutual protection and support.

    Anyway I think you can tell by the nature of this reply which course of action I think is going to be required to survive the next decade…

    Now if you will excuse me, I have some Ray Bans to pass out to people.

    • Long Island is way too densely populated. Plus you’re stuck on an island if the bridges and tunnels are cut off and you don’t have a boat – or there’s a blockade.

      You know I hear upstate New York is awful nice. Like right around the Adirondacks? You know, where my parents’ have a vacation home and 6+ acres of land…

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