Blue in the face.

Mr. Paul Goes to Washington.

Somebody get this guy a glass of water.

12 hours and 52 minutes.  That’s how long Senator Rand Paul spoke for in a rare, actual stand-up-and-talk filibuster yesterday in an attempt to put an end to the appointment of John O. Brennan to the post of director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Get 'em while you can, fatty.

Fill ‘er up.

Now, I’m not necessarily a fan of all of Rand Paul’s political ideologies.  For example I’m opposed to overturning Roe v. Wade and letting the states individually sort out their own abortion laws because, well let’s be honest, most state legislatures can’t be trusted with things like basic reproductive rights.  Hell, some major metropolitan mayors can’t even be trusted to not meddle with your favorite beverage, let alone if women have a right to determine whether they’re prepared to enter into motherhood or not.  Still, I have to salute the Senator from Kentucky for taking a very important stand and attempting to draw attention to an incredibly crucial issue: the fact that apparently the Obama administration would be okay with using unmanned drone strikes on US citizens on American soil.

Oh shit oh fuck oh god oh fuck

Please be Photoshopped.

This whole business – the idea that the executive branch of this country has no current plans to undertake unconstitutional drone strikes on its own citizens but won’t “take the option off the table” – should be absolutely terrifying to the point of completely derailing the entirety of American public discourse until this is resolved.  Sadly there seems to be little to no action being taken on this subject – or at least there hadn’t seemed to be until Senator Paul’s half-day filibuster yesterday, which was appropriate since Mr Brennan, one time White House Counter-Terrorism Chief, was one of the chief architects of the unmanned aerial vehicle strike program.  Mr Brennan has even said that drone strikes (on targets overseas) were “ethical and just,” even as he refused to address concerns on innocent civilians killed in drone strikes that were ostensibly to eliminate Al Queda operatives.

Yes boss, whatever you say, boss.

The partisan shill in his natural habitat.

I have to applaud Senator Paul for doing his damnedest to blow the lid off this issue.  I’d like to think that the news media are poised to have a field day with this today, but something tells me that it could just as easily be downplayed as well.  What concerns me is that during the filibuster, Senator Paul was given a helping hand by several fellow Republican Senators who interrupted to either ask him long-winded questions or with miniature filibusters of their own to give the Kentucky Senator a few moments to catch his breath and drink some water, but only one Democrat, Oregon’s Senator Ron Wyden, broke partisan ranks and stepped up in order to lend words of support to the impetus behind the filibuster in the first place.

Senator Wyden, who said “the executive branch should not be allowed to conduct such a serious and far-reaching program by themselves without any scrutiny, because that’s not how American democracy works,” remarked that the filibuster raised “a number of important points” about Mr. Brennan’s appointment and his involvement in the drone strike program.  Still, the Senator from Oregon said that he still supported Mr. Brennan’s nomination and plans to vote in favor of his appointment.

Because it's a travesty when you have to get news about your own country from foreign sources.

Fucking MSNBC.

Like I said at the beginning of this blog post, there’s a lot that Rand Paul and I don’t agree on.  But on this issue?  I’m behind him 100%.  Not only that, but I’m absolutely shocked that he hasn’t gotten more bipartisan support.  It used to be that the social justice firebrands in U.S. politics used to be the Democrats, but even the one Democrat that stood up and spoke out against the drone strike program said in the same breath that he quite literally wasn’t going to do anything about it.  How is it that no other Democrats got off their asses in order to break party ranks in order to push the issue of the possibility of unconstitutional drone strikes on Americans while on U.S. soil, to say nothing of the immoral and unethical use of drones in foreign theaters of war?  Where are the cries of outrage and dismay?  It’s disconcerting in the extreme that people that most definitely should know better are simply letting this matter go by sticking their heads in the sand when it comes to this issue, and it most certainly does not bode well for things to come.


5 thoughts on “Blue in the face.

  1. I, a lifelong Dem., applaud Paul for his courage and indefatigable energy in bringing this troubling issue to light. I agree as well: where is the rest of the outrage–in particular from the left side of the aisle?

    • The lack of bipartisanship is absolutely deeply troubling. I never thought I’d share the same point of view with a Republican on a social issue like this, but it just goes to show you that Senator Paul has the strength of his convictions to sand up for what he believes is right – and to stand against what he knows is wrong.

  2. First off Dave, I highly recommend you stop thinking of them in terms of Democrat or Republican…

    Rand is a Republican in party, and yes has somewhat played ball with them, but he has always really been a Libertarian. Libertarian ideals tend to be more readily accepted by moderate Republicans because libertarians are EXTREMELY fiscally conservative, they are also strict constitutionalists.

    What most people do not understand is that Democrats and Republicans Are NOT what they used to be.

    More so, we are now seeing them for what they really are because the veil is being lifted from our eyes because of things like the internet and social media.

    The Democratic party has a great PR team that really puts out the idea that Democrats are for individual rights and freedom and justice and just a little tiny bit of socialism just to level the playing field.

    Not so bad right?

    Republicans PR team used to be good, it used to tell us that Republicans stood for Apple Pie, strong defense, Strong respect for Traditional values, and the conservative American way (not just morally, but financially).

    Also, not so bad right?

    But then the inter-webs happened, and the parties true agendas started to be revealed, and they stopped trying to hide it so much. (the following is all referencing the party, not the people like you and I)

    During Bush Jr… We learned that Republicans are Fascist Corporatists who want nothing more than to transfer all power from the people to their corporate cronies and give as much money and power to the military industrial complex as possible. The Republican party mainly seeks to do this through callous corporatist policies that protect and support their interests, but do not give the same considerations to the people. All under the watchful eye of An out of control big brother.

    During Obama… We are now learning that Obama and the democratic party in general are also Facist socialists who want to centralize all of human labor and industry under the umbrella of the state and push it toward globalism They Truly Admire the Big brother thing, and picked up where the republicans left off and have ran with that ball for several touchdowns now, dwarfing anything the republicans did. They do all this through socialism by selectively reigning in industries that do not support them and allowing those industries that support them to walk all over the law.

    Despite the constitution saying otherwise, democrats and republicans (the party, not the people) have made it clear that human rights are what the state says they are, not what the bill of rights says. That the constitution is little more than an anachronism and they would as soon abolish it as look at it.

    It’s not that he party has changed Dave, it’s that the people are now seeing that the emperor never had any clothes.

    You see, it’s getting closer and closer to Go time for the Globalist agenda… This means they are less concerned about hiding what they are doing, and more concerned with just doing it as fast as they can. It doesn’t take a lifetime for tyranny to blossom in a free nation…

    It saddens me to no end to read and see people still clinging to the illusion that a party stands for anything good or true like justice, or liberty.

    It was and has always been a LIE, a PR spin… And it’s worked.

    Most people today do not think about the issues, instead they believe and trust in their party of choice in the hopes that they are less evil than the alternative.

    In reality both are poison…

    So when an issue like this one makes the headlines, one where it’s not so easily split down party lines (they are trying to split it down party lines though… I cannot tell you how many democrats tried to tell me that the only reason Rand was opposed to Obama’s Drone issue and Brennan was because he is republican and they are Democrats.). Rand, while not like his father in every way, is more inclined to oppose something on Principle than party line. That is his history anyway… It’s one of the reasons he was so popular in KY, just like how his father is popular in Tx for the same kind of thing.

    The problem with Rand is that many feel he has been co-opted by the Republicans, he endorsed Mitt Romney instead of his Father Ron, and the more vocal elements of the libertarian/tin foil hat crowd who he used to associate with, can no longer get the time of day from him despite being partly responsible for putting him into power.

    Some argue he is playing brilliant politics by doing all this and is still his fathers son, that his goal is to become one of the most influential and respected Libertarian Republicans, getting the Tea Baggers, and the moderates to rally to him and then win the 2016 election, or perhaps stay in congress and gain influence there.

    So I really am not that surprised that good rational people of all persuasions are watching all this and saying – Hey, WTF? How come this is even an issue?

    Since when do Democrats do that kind of stuff? Since when is it republicans job to care about human rights?

    The fact is… nothing has changed except your perception… Your asking the kinds of questions I did during Bush Jr, when I finally started to Wake up and realize something was wrong.

    I went from being an O’Reilly and Hanity quoting lesser of two evils Neocon… to voting for Kerry and when Obama Won, I had tears flowing down my cheeks with hope and pride that we finally elected a black man president and had the highest hopes that he would keep his campaign promises to restore liberty, and end the policies of Bush.


    I then watched in horror as one by one, every issue I endorsed Obama for was scrapped in favor of continuing or expanding bush’s polices, or redirecting them toward a slightly less overtly fascist purpose.

    Within one year of really watching how things work, I realized I had been duped again, and discovered Libertarian philosophy, and constitutionalism. I now view politics through a totally different lens.

    I now deeply research these things (as much as an average Joe can who doesn’t do it for a living). I no longer get surprised by what DemoCrypts, or RepublicBloods do… Parties are just another way to trick you into giving up your birthright and freedom.

    Now, I realize I wrote enough and have said all this before.. So…Shutting up.

    • From the age of 18 I’ve been a registered independent. I’ve always had serious misgivings about organized political parties and while most of my personal beliefs are left-of-center, I was never comfortable in qualifying myself as a Democrat or a liberal. Likewise I don’t agree with the entire Libertarian party line so I don’t consider myself one either, despite the generous overlap I have with many Libertarian core beliefs.

      I suppose that in essence you simply can’t have a political party that fully satisfies your entire range of beliefs about local, state, and Federal government, which is why the two-party system in the U.S. is completely and totally inappropriate for this country. Setting up each issue in a binary arrangement means there’s no space for nuance, coalition-building, or anything else; even third party politicians are expected to either caucus with the Right or the Left or nobody will play ball with them.

      The thing is that this isn’t a game – the decisions politicians make every day impact not only the 311 million citizens living in the United States but, thanks to US interventionist policies worldwide, has an impact on a global scale as well. Somehow, somewhere, the governing institutions of this country have evolved in such a way as to preserve power for those who are already in office instead of serve the needs of their constituencies.

      The truth is I’m incredibly disappointed as well with not just Congress for clinging to party lines but for the Obama administration for campaigning on hope and change and then pushing forward with the kinds of human rights violations that make me sick to my stomach.

      You’re right about the seams coming undone on the public relations machines on both sides of the aisle, as the true faces of our elected officials have begun to show for years now – and they’re nearly exclusively monstrous. At this point I can’t trust any organized political party, as the majority of its public servants are either toeing the party line out of sheer blindness or orchestrating the entire political dialectic for their own ends and not towards progressive goals, and TRUE progressive goals: progress towards a halt to the slow erosion of our human and consitutional rights, and progress towards reversing the severe financial damage corporate interests have wreaked upon not just the American economy but globally as well.

  3. “From the age of 18 I’ve been a registered independent.” So was I till I learned that doesn’t mean what we think it means… It’s an actual party called the American independence party… It’s not that you didn’t pick demo or republican… it’s actually right wing… So make sure you double check and make sure that they have you listed as Non partisan or under no party affiliation.

    As for the rest of your reply,


    Though I would refrain from using the word progressive only because it doesn’t mean what it should mean. (I think you already know that, but for the audience I will try to explain briefly).

    It means progressing right off the edge of a cliff into tyranny where the rights of man are limited by the needs of oppressive oligarchs who will use everything from the economy, to the environment to telling you that they are exterminating you for your own freedom to stay in power.

    Like something Orwell would have predicted, they are wrapping an almost nightmarish Distopia, in a package that has the colors of a utopian future, making it look as much like something Roddenberry would have dreamed up, leading progressively toward a unified planet of peace.

    Selling us on the idea of one global nation of peace, but not mentioning that to get there, they are going to enslave us along the way and possibly cull more than 3/4 of the human population to make control that much easier. Those who play ball will live in their smart cities and live in gilded Cages, while those few who remain who do not will live in the Cry freedom Ghetos and struggle to survive until they are too either enslaved or destroyed.

    Till they don’t need us anymore…

    The Dems want to get us there one way, the repubs the other… That’s all they fight about is over which method works best… but they both want the same thing.

    I know, I know that sounds nuts, but to start seeing that layer of whats going on, you need to wear two layers of tinfoil instead of one…

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